Best crime movie revealing mistakes of 2016

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back picture

Revealing mistake: When the leading hitman jumps from the balcony you see him land on a rubber mat.

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Criminal picture

Revealing mistake: When Jerico is having his surgery the angle of the device that will be transmitting the memories is inconsistently angled in the real shot versus the monitor image.

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The Nice Guys picture

Revealing mistake: Healy tears off the October 26 sheet from the calendar, and before the camera cuts away, it shows the October 25 sheet underneath it. That's not how calendars work. (00:11:25)

Sammo Premium member

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Central Intelligence picture

Revealing mistake: They jump out the office building and the CIA is shooting at the tan Ford Explorer. When the bullets hit the drivers door and other parts they are not making any marks/bullet holes, you can see they are fireworks and not bullets.


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Suicide Squad picture Video

Revealing mistake: The subway station is identified by its internal signs as "Central" station, but as the Suicide Squad enters its exterior entrance, the sign above declares that it is "Bay St." station. Bay Street Station in Toronto is frequently used for movie shoots, as it has a complete lower platform which has been out of service for decades ( (TTC) #Lower_Bay).

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Nerve picture

Revealing mistake: When doing the blindfold dare, the same clip of them swerving between cars is used 2 or 3 times. (00:44:10)

Ssiscool Premium member

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London Has Fallen picture

Revealing mistake: During the live stream, the second punch that the president receives misses him. However, he reacts to the punch. (01:15:50)

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