Factual error: Jan Strook is a Dutchman; throughout the movie he is referred to as "Jan Strook", which rhymes with "took," when it should rhyme with "broke." This is even worse considering he has a Dutch accent in the movie, which leaves him no excuse for mispronouncing his own name.

Revealing mistake: When Jerico is having his surgery the angle of the device that will be transmitting the memories is inconsistently angled in the real shot versus the monitor image.

Factual error: When the helicopter arrives at Dover AFB carrying Jericho, the controller states runway 22L. Dover AFB has intersection runways 1/19 and 14/32 and no parallel runways.

Factual error: When Kevin Costner plunges off the bridge in a taxi, he cuts his leg on a piece of the door side glass. This is impossible as all side windows are made of tempered glass that completely shatters, leaving no sharp pieces that could cut.

Jericho Stewart: You're the one who killed me.
Xavier Heimdahl: Good memory.
Jericho Stewart: You hurt me... I hurt you worse.
Xavier Heimdahl: Good creed.

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