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I Origins picture

Ian: It's a false positive, you understand? It's an error. It has to be an error. It's statistically impossible. Data point.
Karen: If I drop this phone a thousand times, a million times... and one time, it does't fall... just once, it hovers in the air. That is an error that's worth looking at.

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That Awkward Moment picture

Ellie: Being there for someone when they need you, that's all relationships are.

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The Fault in Our Stars picture

Augustus: Between the three of us, we have 5 legs, 4 eyes, 2 1/2 working pairs of lungs, but we also have 2 dozen eggs, so I'd go back inside if I were you.

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Suite Française picture

Lucile Angellier: Hardly a word of our true feelings had ever been spoken. Not a single word about love.

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Before We Go picture

Brooke Dalton: It's possible, isn't it? It's possible that you could meet somebody who's perfect for you even though you're committed to somebody else.
Nick Vaughan: No, no, see, I think if you're committed to somebody, you don't allow yourself to find perfection in someone else.

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Boys picture

Sieger: I'm not gay.
Marc: Of course you're not.

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And So It Goes picture

Oren Little: And when you sing "Cry Me a River," it doesn't have to be the whole river.

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The Rewrite picture

Holly Carpenter: As long as you're alive, you can forgive and be forgiven. Once you're dead, it gets significantly harder.

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The Best of Me picture

Amanda: You want me to fall back in love with you? How do I do that if I haven't ever stopped?

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Barefoot picture

Jay Wheeler: Whats the matter?
Daisy Kensington: You're standing on my toes.

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Magic in the Moonlight picture

Stanley: I can't forgive you, only God can forgive you.
Sophie: But you said there is no God.
Stanley: Precisely my point.

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A Little Chaos picture

André Le Notre: What if no-one person is to blame? And what use is blame? It is enough to have that happen to you. It is enough to recover from it. That is as much as we may ask of ourselves. That is enough.

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About Last Night picture

Bernie: I wanna talk to you, man. All that stuff that I was sayin' to you about her potentially being Alison? I didn't mean it, man. I'm seeing a difference in you. I feel like it's because of her. I'm kind of like, jealous, a little bit? I'm really happy for you, Danny.
Danny: Really?
Bernie: Fuck no! This is stupid.

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Burying the Ex picture

Max: You ate Travis. You ate my brother.
Evelyn: Half brother, Max.

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Some Kind of Beautiful picture

Gordon: Good God, man. You've fallen for that little slice of American pie.
Richard: Dad.
Gordon: Now you listen to me. This might be the most important bit of advice that I ever give you. American women may be fun and Victoria Secret when you first met them, but as soon as they get their claws into you, they stop fucking and start eating, and the only ass you gonna get is a fat one.

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Samba picture

Alice: Ni le début d'abus.

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Endless Love picture

David Elliot: When my parents broke, they met when they were in high school, it made sense. That's what I want to find, true love, the kind of you fight for, that you always put first. That makes you wanna be good, do better and not with just any girl, but the girl and when I find that, that's all I need.

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Step Up: All In picture

Moose: Does it always have to end up in a big, giant dance battle?

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Grace of Monaco picture

Grace: Do you believe in fairytales, Tuck?
Francis Tucker: No, I believe in "happily ever after."

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Life After Beth picture

Beth Slocum: I'm a zombie! Zombies eat guys.

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