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Jay Wheeler: Whats the matter?
Daisy Kensington: You're standing on my toes.

Daisy Kensington: Why can't we just fly back on the plane?
Jay Wheeler: Because I violated my probation and you're an escaped mental patient.
Daisy Kensington: Is that bad?
Jay Wheeler: Yeah, that's bad.

Daisy Kensington: I can't eat this.
Jay Wheeler: Why Not?
Daisy Kensington: I think it's Fancy Feast.

Jay Wheeler: Hey, don't you have somebody locked up in your basement that you need to go torture, or something like that?

Jay Wheeler: Basic human emotions are not my strong suit.

Jay Wheeler: What did you do?
Daisy Kensington: I threw his keys away.
Jay Wheeler: Why?
Daisy Kensington: Cus if you go to jail, we can't be together.
Jay Wheeler: You are hardcore.
Daisy Kensington: I am.

Daisy Kensington: That man offer me $100 for a handjob. I've never had a job.

Continuity mistake: Jay is mopping the floor after promising on the phone to his dad that he'll bring his non-existent fiancee to the wedding. He tries to talk one of the nurses into joining him. While doing so, he stands before her leaning on his mop with his left hand on top, which switches to the right hand between shots. (00:06:40)

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