And So It Goes
Movie Quote Quiz

Oren Little: And when you sing "Cry Me a River," it doesn't have to be the whole river.

Oren Little: You have a beautiful voice, particularly when you make it all the way through a song.

Oren Little: Wanna watch some TV?
Sarah: Sure.
Oren Little: I don't watch animation, MTV, bravo, Oprah, reruns or sitcoms. What do you wanna watch?
Sarah: Can we watch "Duck Dynasty"?
Oren Little: What station is it on?
Sarah: A&E.

Oren Little: I slept with Leah.
Claire: Whoa. You did mess up.
Oren Little: Well, the sex was actually pretty good, but.
Claire: ...but you left immediately after. Right?
Oren Little: How'd you know that?
Claire: You think you invented men being assholes?

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