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Into the Storm picture

Other mistake: When the blue van rolls over, and they turn around to go pick them up, they park like 20-30 feet from the van for no reason, instead of right by it, seemingly just to have a tree block their path, then decide to run into a church with really big stained glass window and wood pews while a fire tornado is just outside. Rolling the van back upright, all the TVs and equipment inside the van seem to be working just fine.

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The Fault in Our Stars picture

Other mistake: In the book Hazel is reading near the start of the film, the word 'to' is used 4 times in a row.

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American Sniper picture

Other mistake: After the shoot out at night the American forces are faced with a group of hostile locals, and the team are told to pull out and get in the vehicles. As they drive off we see a back shot of them sitting on the back of the one of the vehicles, but on the right hand side you can see a backpack and part of an American soldier, did they just leave him? (01:12:50)

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The Nut Job picture

Other mistake: At the beginning, when one bad guy is sitting on a bench with a newspaper, we can read the date October 21, 1959 at the top. But, we also read Nov 3 1970 on the same page, under the mugshot of the Boss being released from jail. (00:04:20)

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3 Days to Kill picture

Other mistake: When Ethan shoots gas at the black SUV where the Italian accountant is, the two bodyguards faint instantly, Ethan wears a mask to avoid that, but the accountant never faints, and keeps awake and screaming all the time.

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Big Hero 6 picture

Other mistake: In the scene that Callaghan's daughter went into the portal, there is a track for the capsule to go into the first portal, but there was no track for the return portal.

Wullie Bruce
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Dracula Untold picture

Other mistake: When Vlad is in the armory of the monastery, he is standing directly under sunlight. This should have caused his skin to burn immediately and give away that he's a vampire. (00:52:05)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction picture

Other mistake: During the introduction of Attinger, he is holding cards of the Autobots explaining what happened to them. One such card is of Ironhide, listed as last seen in Chicago. Ironhide was killed in Washington DC at NEST headquarters by Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He didn't even participate in the Chicago battle.

Brad Premium member
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The Theory of Everything picture

Other mistake: When Stephen Hawking's life is played backwards and then rewinds at the end of the film, the sequence of his sudden illness at the concert and subsequent operation at the hospital are the wrong way round. It should show him having the operation, then winding back to his collapse at the concert, but the two events are in the wrong reverse order.

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The November Man picture

Other mistake: At the end, when she's writing the email, she enters a subject line first, but then when we see a closeup of her clicking the "send" button, the window title says "untitled message." That would have been replaced by the subject when she wrote it.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Whiplash picture

Other mistake: In the final scene both at the start when Fletcher is walking on stage and in a shot during "Caravan," just after Andrew mouths FU, when Fletcher puts a hand under his jacket the shot goes forward and then immediately shows the same footage in reverse. (01:27:55 - 01:32:45)

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Sex Tape picture

Other mistake: The sex tape was only filmed with one camera (on the iPad) however, when Jay and Annie watch the tape back together at the end of the movie, it is filmed from more than one angle in some parts.

Liam D
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Edge of Tomorrow picture

Other mistake: Each time Cage is on the dropship along with all the other soldiers, the dropship is attacked and all the other soldiers release themselves from the plane onto the beach. When Cage lands on the beach, note the area he is standing in. Every time he drops onto the beach, he releases himself earlier or later than the previous time, but despite this, he always seems to land on the beach in the precise same spot each time. The dropship was attacked and began spinning out of control and was not in a fixed position, so there is no chance he would have landed in the same spot even if the dropship was over the same location.

Casual Person
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film when April sees the foot clan braking into the shipping container, it is pouring with rain, yet her hair miraculously remains dry all the way through.

Andy Thain
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Annie picture

Other mistake: Will's rating increased by 5% because he saved Annie from being run over. A guy happened to be filming it happening and uploaded it online, but the uploaded footage is shot from two different angles.

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Wild picture

Other mistake: In the motel room after the lead character's one night stay, she is seen repacking her hiking and camping equipment which is splayed across two single made-up beds, one of which should have been slept in. (00:05:00)

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Kingsman: The Secret Service picture

Other mistake: During the pub fight scene, the guy who got hit with the glass cup (Wound on his forehead), pulls a six shooter out of his pants, but he fires eight bullets at Harry's umbrella.

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Gone Girl picture

Other mistake: When Amy cuts Mr Collins' neck while they are having sex and Amy is underneath him, not a drop of blood falls on her hair. Before she climbs off the bed, we can see a ring around her neck, above it, no blood, and below it, buckets full of blood.

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Joy Ride 3 picture

Other mistake: When Jordan drops Rusty's truck into the compactor, the excavator and its claw seem just too small for the job. You can see the truck has been sawed shorter as the truck's rear axles stay on the ground while the cab goes in the compactor. There is no possible way for the truck to snap in half like that when lifted. This small excavator would just simply have flipped over trying to raise the truck by the engine compartment.

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Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy picture

Other mistake: Zarina creates orange pixie dust that is supposed to give you light bending powers. But when Zarina throws the dust on the fairies and they change powers, Rosetta ends up with orange which gives her animal powers, not light bending powers.

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