Best comedy movie plot holes of 2011

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Cars 2 picture

Plot hole: There is no reason for there to be sinks in the bathrooms. The cars may be able to use sinks just as they use toilets, but in the bathrooms they are too small and too inaccessible for any use.

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Paul picture

Plot hole: The huge explosion that rips through Tara's house isn't very likely. She only left the stove on for a short while, and if there was really a massive concentration of gas as depicted by the explosion, the Agent who fired the shot that triggered it should have collapsed from inhaling so much gas.

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Puss in Boots picture

Plot hole: When Puss is being sent to prison near the end of the film a shot is shown of Softpaws effortlessly holding a golden egg with one hand. However, back in the giant's castle none of them were able to carry a single egg without help.

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The Inbetweeners Movie picture

Plot hole: Jay is thrown out of the hotel pool for throwing a young boy into the pool, and Will is thrown out for insulting the girl in a wheelchair. At this time, Simon was in the cafe, nowhere near the other boys and not involved in any of these. So why would he be thrown out, too? How would the employee who grabs him even know they were together?

Moose Premium member
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Arthur picture

Plot hole: Hobson passes away in the night, and no one notices until Arthur wakes the next morning, finds her unresponsive and cold, then screams for the nurse. Hobson was hooked up to monitors to warn the nurse (and Arthur) of this very thing, and that nurse would have been making regular checks on her during the night; it's what she's being paid to do. There is absolutely no way it could have played out this way, except in a film that needs sudden drama.

Phixius Premium member
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Cougars, Inc. picture

Plot hole: When Sam first encounters Dan, the headmaster, Dan reveals that he had to quit his musical career when he impregnated and married a groupie, but that he loved his daughter. Later, Sam runs into Courtney behind a liquor store, and Courtney, who is actually Dan's above-mentioned daughter, discusses her "aggro older brother". If Dan's original error in timing resulted in a daughter, how could she have an older brother?

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