Arthur (2011)

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Plot hole: Hobson passes away in the night, and no one notices until Arthur wakes the next morning, finds her unresponsive and cold, then screams for the nurse. Hobson was hooked up to monitors to warn the nurse (and Arthur) of this very thing, and that nurse would have been making regular checks on her during the night; it's what she's being paid to do. There is absolutely no way it could have played out this way, except in a film that needs sudden drama.

Phixius Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hobson and Arthur are in the elevator, and Arthur is looking at the ring; during the second to last shot in the elevator the ring is in the case, but in the next shot Arthur is holding it and putting it on his finger, giving him no time to take it out.


Continuity mistake: When Arthur and Susan are the taking the photos for the wedding, the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: After Nick Nolte pulls out the nails that Russell Brand accidentally shot him with, in the next shot you can see that not only are the holes gone, but he is also wearing a completely new shirt with a mere stain, with bloodstains that are too light to be blood.


Continuity mistake: When Hobson pulls the blanket off Arthur, she pulls it down to his waist. In the next shot the blanket is down by his feet.

Mortug Premium member

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