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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, during the wedding scene as Susan is walking with her father down the aisle toward Arthur, the song being played is not the "Wedding March" (a/k/a "Here Comes the Bride". Instead, the celebratory music is being played which is always played after the completion of the marriage ceremony.


Correction: Wedding songs are chosen at the discretion of the wedding party. I haven't been to a wedding in well over ten years that used any of the traditional music at all, so it's hardly surprising to me that they'd used this song at that time.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Arthur is pulled over in his Batmobile by two police officers. A female in the next scene checks her phone and sees a picture of Arthur getting out of the car, however, there was nobody at the initial scene with a camera who could have taken the photo.

Correction: The picture shows Arthur getting out of a police car. It's not from the scene with the Batmobile.

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Arthur: What was that?
Susan: French kiss.
Arthur: Really? Because the French always surrender. That was decidedly German.



Hobson passes away in the night, and no one notices until Arthur wakes the next morning, finds her unresponsive and cold, then screams for the nurse. Hobson was hooked up to monitors to warn the nurse (and Arthur) of this very thing, and that nurse would have been making regular checks on her during the night; it's what she's being paid to do. There is absolutely no way it could have played out this way, except in a film that needs sudden drama.