Best horror movie factual errors of 2010

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The Wolfman picture

Factual error: When Talbot is first in Gwen Conliffe's shop in London, there is a vase of flowers containing Stargazer lilies. The Stargazer lily wasn't created until 1978 by Leslie Woodriff.

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Saw 3D picture

Factual error: Bobby extracts two teeth to get the combination to the next room. When he looks at the teeth, the numbers are on the tooth root. To do this would be impossible without removing the teeth first. (01:02:05)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Resident Evil: Afterlife picture

Factual error: Alice isn't superhuman in the scene of the Tower Swing. But at the rate she is falling, she would both hit the ground before the cable would be under tension, and even if the prison was high enough, it would probably shatter every bone in her shoulder when it does become tensioned. (01:01:00)


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Paranormal Activity 2 picture

Factual error: During the breakfast scene with the bacon a box of Cheerios is seen on the counter with the red check mark on it. This indicates that the cereal is American Heart Association approved. The check mark campaign didn't begin until 2009 even though the movie supposedly takes place 3 years prior, in 2006.

oddy knocky

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The Ward picture

Factual error: During the scene where they deliver electroconvulsive therapy to Kristen, the physician is seen holding the patient. Considering the level of charge delivered, the physician should have received a shock along with the patient.

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Tucker & Dale Vs Evil picture

Factual error: When the Sherriff dies, one of the college kids picks up the Sheriff"s gun and shoots himself accidentally, then Chad picks up the gun and fires eleven more times. The gun is a revolver, which only holds six rounds.

Robert Sullinger

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The Crazies picture

Factual error: Given the destruction from the nuclear blast threw the truck in the air, the rest of the surrounding area would also have experienced similar destruction. However when they are walking away from the truck to another town in a nearby field, there is no visible impact of what was a recent nuclear explosion anywhere to be seen.


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Piranha 3D picture

Factual error: All propane tanks for the last 30 or so years have a safety valve which prevents them from simply releasing gas when the valve is turned on. Given these tanks looked brand new and Jake only turns them on, the gas would not have been released.


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Suggested correction: The propane tanks they use are PEN15 models and the safety mechanism is easily circumvented.

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Let Me In picture

Factual error: A fire breaks out in the hospital due to one of Abby's victims being exposed to sunlight as she's turning into a vampire, destroying that vampire and a burning a nurse to death. Modern hospitals have fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc. and sensors/alarms that the fire would have activated.

Erik M.

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Mega Piranha picture

Factual error: The movie takes place in Venezuela. Throughout the movie the Venezuelan army flies US-made UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. However the Venezuelan army does not fly these, nor can they purchase them, since Venezuela is boycotted by the US.


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Vanishing on 7th Street picture

Factual error: When Luke puts the starting cables on the battery of the pick-up truck sparks fly from the connection. However since he hasn't connected the cables to anything on the other end yet no sparks should be visible. Next to that the battery is nearly dead so there is no power to give the sparks in the first place.


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A Nightmare on Elm Street picture

Factual error: Quentin steals Adrenaline from an ER crash cart. That would be believable except, I am a nurse, my husband is a paramedic, my father in law is a doctor. Under NO circumstance is a crash cart to be left unattended, they are locked up when not in use. Also, Adrenaline would NOT be in a cart like that, that medicine is locked up. ER crash carts, like what was used in the movie, would only have had a defibrillator, gel for the defibrillator pads, gauze, dressing and first aid supplies, nothing more.

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