Piranha 3D

Corrected entry: Sheriff Forester falls into the lake trying to retrieve Matt's boat when Matt's corpse surfaces next to her. Immediately afterward, when Forester and Deputy Fallon pull Matt's body from the water, she is completely dry: clothing, hair, everything.

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Correction: She's not dry. Look at the other sheriff's outfit next to hers. Hers is darker in color meaning it's wet. So is her hair.

Corrected entry: The guy on the boat with Jake and the others (the one with sunscreen on his nose for the entire movie) gets shoved to the side when the "director" decides that he will better be able to steer the boat. You see him hit the side and recover but there is no shot of him after that. He completely disappears.

Correction: When the boat hits the rocks, you can see the camera man fall over the side of the boat. It's assumed that he is eaten when he is in the water.

He does disappear for the rest of the movie. There is an unfinished deleted scene where he was supposed to be attacked and killed after falling into the water. However, he appears in the sequel so in the end he survives.


Continuity mistake: When Jake goes into the water with the tow rope around his waist, the rope is going over the top and through the railing of the boat. When he gets pulled away with the girl, the rope is seen down in the water.


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Mr. Goodman: The piranha hunt in packs. The first bite draws blood, blood draws the pack.

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Trivia: In the opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss fishing on the lake he is singing to himself "show me the way to go home". This is a nod to the movie Jaws because it is the song that he sang along with the rest of the crew as they waited for the tagged shark to be re-sighted. (00:01:00)


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