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7.8/10. I honestly liked the remake as much as Dante's original.Sure it's gory but hey it doesn't detract from the movie for the most part.I found the presence of Elisabeth Shue nice. She should've won a Golden Globe at least for Molly. She plays the heroic sheriff well, one who struggles to save the town from killer piranhas. It works because she's not the kick butt type, she has to try real hard which is the heroine I like. This type represents real life better than those in Hunger Games and Snow White And The Huntsman. The piranha here were also a scarier looking lot than their original 1978 predecessors. You definitely could feel the fear of not being able to see the unknown beneath the water.


Factual error: All propane tanks for the last 30 or so years have a safety valve which prevents them from simply releasing gas when the valve is turned on. Given these tanks looked brand new and Jake only turns them on, the gas would not have been released.


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Suggested correction: The propane tanks they use are PEN15 models and the safety mechanism is easily circumvented.

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Novak: There are thousands of them and they are pissed!

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Trivia: In the opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss fishing on the lake he is singing to himself "show me the way to go home". This is a nod to the movie Jaws because it is the song that he sang along with the rest of the crew as they waited for the tagged shark to be re-sighted. (00:01:00)


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