Best action movie audio problems of 2010

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World picture

Audio problem: When Scott fights Ramona's ex-girlfriend, Ramona holds his hands while punching her. One punch misses her but the sound of a punch is heard.


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Resident Evil: Afterlife picture

Audio problem: Near the beginning of the film when Alice and her clones break into the Umbrella building, she comes down in an elevator. The numbers above the elevator showing what floor she is on beep every time they change, but some of the beeps are out of sync. A beep is heard for floor 6 before the number 7 has even changed and a beep is also heard a fraction of a second before the number 3 fully appears. (00:07:05)


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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time picture

Audio problem: When Tamina is talking to Dastan about man's potential for good in the tent during the sand storm, there is quick shot of Dastan with Tamina's face at side. In this shot she is still speaking but her lips are not moving.


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The Karate Kid picture

Audio problem: When Dre is leaving Meiying's violin practice in the auditorium there is a long shot of her playing her violin showing her left side as Dre walks to the exit. The notes she is playing are vibrato - varying the pitch of the notes by rapidly pivoting the finger on the strings - but her hand is perfectly still. Even though you can only see part of her hand it is obviously that her playing style doesn't match the notes being played.

BocaDavie Premium member

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Knight & Day picture

Audio problem: During their conversation on the plane, when Cameron Diaz tells Tom Cruise about the wedding gift for her sister being a car, during shot when she says "kinda like a present from my dad too you know" you can see her mouth doesn't move. It's not because of the angle of the shot either; you can see her mouthing moving from the same angle during other parts of the conversation.


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Robin Hood picture

Audio problem: In the first shot of the small church in Nottingham, you can hear the bells ring. However, the bell on top of the church is not moving as it ought to be.

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Faster picture

Audio problem: After Driver leaves the bar where he killed the bouncer, the tach on the dash is showing 4500 revs, while the car's engine noise is nowhere near that.


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The A-Team picture

Audio problem: In the helicopter chase scene, when the A-Team is about to be shot down by heat seeking missiles, Murdock shuts the helicopter's engine off. When he restarts engine the sound is that of an radial piston engine starting, not the sounds of a jet turbine like it should be.


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Red (2010)

Red picture

Audio problem: When the Victory Fund Gala begins, when the woman next to the metal detector gives Victoria her necklace back, Victoria replies "Thank you, ma'am", somehow without pursing her lips on the "ma'am", revealing it's a dubbed line. (01:21:45)

Casual Person

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TRON: Legacy picture

Audio problem: The synthetic effect on Gem's voice is missing when she says "Relax, they're occupied" to Sam whilst escorting him through Zuse's club. (01:09:00)

Casual Person

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The Spy Next Door picture

Audio problem: In the last fight scene in the movie the children's mother slams the female Russian spy with a half-empty (she shakes it first) plastic bottle of bleach. When she finally hits the "spy" the sound effect played is the exact same sound effect that they used when Jackie Chan was slamming the male Russian spy with cast iron skillets.


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