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Factual error: Outside Seville, Cruise jumps off a bridge on a stall with a sign that reads "Especial en sardines". This is senseless text. The correct spelling should be "Especialidad en sardinas".


Factual error: The running in front of the bulls tradition takes place in Pamplona, 710 km away from Seville.


Continuity mistake: After June follows Roy in the middle of the night, she gets taken into the secret service. Out the back windows, it is pitch dark. Out every other window, striking daylight shines through.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Roy grabs unconscious June and parachutes her off the plane, she stares at him and 3 stage lights plus a lighting screen are reflected on her goggles.


Other mistake: When June is standing on the escalator in the airport the people on the escalator with her swap from shot to shot as they change camera angles from a view looking down at her to one taken from the side. In one scene the escalator is nearly full with people, but in the next there are only two men standing behind her.

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Continuity mistake: When Roy's bike falls in the river and he lands on the car's hood, from the opposite angle, a frame later, the river is gone and there's a highway with cars passing by.


Continuity mistake: When both main characters are talking in the field after the plane has crashed, Roy gives June a bottle to drink to knock her out, she drains the bottle so it's empty, but a few seconds later the bottle has some left in it for her to finish drinking.


Audio problem: During their conversation on the plane, when Cameron Diaz tells Tom Cruise about the wedding gift for her sister being a car, during shot when she says "kinda like a present from my dad too you know" you can see her mouth doesn't move. It's not because of the angle of the shot either; you can see her mouthing moving from the same angle during other parts of the conversation.


Revealing mistake: Inside the tunnel, Roy is on the car's hood, with the car swerving all the time. When the angle changes to a POV of the baddies he doesn't move, as if he was glued to the roof, revealing the security trick.


Continuity mistake: At the airport, the aircraft parked at the terminal that they are going to get on is a cargo jet. This is a 727. When they take off the scene shows a A320.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene in Salzburg train station, the trains that can be seen in the background are marked RENFE, which is the Spanish state-owned train operator. Also, when Fitzgerald looks at Roy through the window of the train, the station signs are "Salzburg Bahnhof", but only a few seconds later, when they are walking on the platform, the same signs are "Sevilla Santa Justa". This scene was actually shot in Seville train station.

Audio problem: When Roy shoots the first two guys above them right after he stops the car you can't hear the shots when he starts shooting: there is a delay of about half a second. (00:28:15)


Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, where Cameron Diaz is trying to steer the car and Tom Cruise is hanging off the car with the bad guys in pursuit, notice how Tom's gun changes through the scene.

Continuity mistake: When June spills her drink of tequila when sitting in the airplane, there's a big wet spot on her shirt. After that, she goes to the toilet and stays there for maybe ten minutes. When she returns, the shirt is totally dry.

Audio problem: When Eduardo is telling Antonio about Roy Miller over the phone, Antonio responds to him (in Spanish), but his words do not match the movements of his mouth at all.


Factual error: On the plane, June says she is restoring a '66 GTO, and flying to Kansas to get a triple deuce carburetor for it. The GTO didn't have a "triple deuce"; that was an aftermarket carb system made by Edelbrock for multiple car brands. If she's restoring the car, she'd be looking for a Tri-power carburetor set up. The Tri-power and the triple deuce are entirely different manifolds and carbs.


Continuity mistake: In the scene after June and Roy are riding on top of the car carrier truck, the CIA Director is reviewing a security tape of the diner abduction. You can hear Roy say "Pies for everybody, everybody gets pies", however, the video on the playback monitor at that exact moment shows him shooting the booth above Rodney's head. Roy didn't mention the pies until several seconds later after he kicked the server who made a noise. You can even hear the gunshot after he says "pies for everybody", then the CIA Director pauses the tape.


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Visible crew/equipment: After exiting the tunnel Roy tells June "You saved us, that was sublime" and a moving boom mike is reflected on the right side of the car's fender bender.


Continuity mistake: When Roy turns with the blue Volvo into the parking garage, in the shot where June falls over, we can see a big glass structure out of her window. But when the shot cuts, there is a brick wall - and the glass structure is nowhere to be found.


Roy Miller: I warned you about the plane.
June Havens: No you didn't!
Roy Miller: I said that some things happen for a reason.
June Havens: That's not a warning! A warning is, June, if you get on this plane, you will fucking die!

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Trivia: Celia Weston plays Tom Cruise's mother in the movie, even though in real life she's only 10 years older than him.

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