The Spy Next Door

Continuity mistake: When Gillian throws her headband at Bob, it then appears back on her head then disappears between shots. (01:16:30)

Visible crew/equipment: When Bob, and the children go to the Chinese restaurant, a crew member and boom mic appear in the reflection on the car.


Revealing mistake: The handheld device that Bob uses to adjust the satellite antennae is actually a very common label maker and printer sold in most Walmart stores.

Audio problem: In the last fight scene in the movie the children's mother slams the female Russian spy with a half-empty (she shakes it first) plastic bottle of bleach. When she finally hits the "spy" the sound effect played is the exact same sound effect that they used when Jackie Chan was slamming the male Russian spy with cast iron skillets.


Continuity mistake: When Larry comes into the house, Bob's girlfriend sees him and runs back behind the wall, but moments later you see her run through the front door and go upstairs.

Colton James: Now, how the heck are you gonna get in there? Jet pack?
Bob Ho: It's in the shop.

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Trivia: When Agent Ho pushes the Russian thug over the fence with the ladder, the thug lets out a Wilhelm scream as he falls.

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