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The Spy Next Door (2010)

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Corrected entry: When Bob is playing the recording to the other spy, he is holding the phones and puts them together at the wrong end. This is wrong because it would mean that the speaker of the phone is talking into the other speaker and not to the microphone.

Correction: He simply puts them close together. In cell phones, the speaker is loud enough and the mic is strong enough that they don't have to be in direct contact, especially if Ian's cellphone is on speaker mode.


Revealing mistake: The handheld device that Bob uses to adjust the satellite antennae is actually a very common label maker and printer sold in most Walmart stores.

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Poldark: Where is the file?
Ian: It's on my iPod on my desk at home.
Bob Ho: Now, see, you want to be a spy - never tell the truth to the bad guy.
Ian: Sorry. I'm new at this.

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Trivia: When Jackie confesses that he was orphaned and lived in a group home, this is true for both his character and in real life. Jackie's parents gave him up to the Peking Opera House because they could not afford to raise a child. There he learned how to sing and acrobatics along with his "brothers and sisters."

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