Best sport movie continuity mistakes of 2005

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The Longest Yard pictureThe Longest Yard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Adam Sandler reverses into the police car, he damages the Bentley he is driving at the back end. When the police chase him, the back end is not damaged at all. (00:06:35)

Greg Weisgerber
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Herbie: Fully Loaded picture

Continuity mistake: Look at the dirt when Herbie backs away from the nose of the newer Beetle, between the races out in the desert. Although Herbie drove straight up to the newer Beetle, tire marks can be seen where the crew moved the car back and forth to get him lined up.

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Ice Princess picture

Continuity mistake: After Casey has turned down Harvard and is skating on the pond, she falls many times. When she falls for the fourth and final time, her hat falls off. In an overhead shot, the camera even shows it laying on the ground above her head. When she gets back up upon seeing Teddy with the zamboni, her hat has disappeared. (01:12:05)

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Coach Carter picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film in the final game Ken Carter calls a time out. The clock stops on 36 seconds and after the time out it restarts again on 38 seconds.

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Cinderella Man picture

Continuity mistake: When Mae is at the sink washing dishes and, behind her, Braddock is teaching his kids how to box, Mae turns around and emotionally yells, "No boxing in the house!", the strap on the apron she is wearing is twisted. They cut away and in the next shot the strap is no longer twisted.

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Kicking and Screaming picture

Continuity mistake: Phil sustains injuries to his face more than once in the movie. Every time the injuries disappear by the next scene. In one case the injury switches from the right side of his face to the left side between shots in the same scene.

Wayne C.
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Goal! picture

Continuity mistake: When Newcastle plays Chelsea the ball is yellow, but when we see shots from the real game it is white when we see the actors with the ball.

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World's Fastest Indian picture

Continuity mistake: Just before Burt gets ready for his record-setting attempt, he wraps some asbestos cloth around his leg to protect it from the hot exhaust pipe. This does not allow him to fit his leg within the cowling of the bike, so he throws it off and puts his leg in without the protective covering.As he inserts his leg into the cowling, you can see that his pants leg is bunched up around his calf, not tucked into the top of his sock, as is Burt's usual procedure.However, a close up of the leg only a few moments later shows the pants leg tucked into the sock, and he could never have done that once he was fully seated in the cowling.

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The Ringer picture

Continuity mistake: In the very first scene in the movie, where we see Steve listening to the motivational tape, he is wearing a red tie with polka dots. Then, when he is shown walking toward his boss' office and he falls, you can see that his red tie has changed to a gold tie. When he is in his superior's office you can see that it is back to red, and when he goes to find Stavi in the restroom the tie is gold again. (02:00:00)

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Fever Pitch picture

Continuity mistake: Ben is lounging around and watching a Sox game on TV. The first shot showed a lot of stains on his shirt. Between shots the stains vary, with at least one shot with hardly any stains at all.

Wayne C.
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Dreamer picture

Continuity mistake: Just before the Breeders Cup the horse is upset and Kurt Russell puts his hands on either side of her face to see what she is "thinking". First his fingers are practically in her eyeball and when the shot changes his hand is back by her jaw. This happens to quickly to be a natural movement.

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Go Figure picture

Continuity mistake: When Katelyn puts on her hockey skates, her leggings are not on. When Ronnie returns the skate it is white. Her skates suddenly appear as neutral and her leggings suddenly appear.

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Rebound picture

Continuity mistake: After the entire team has muddy water splashed all over them by a car on the way to a game, Coach Roy's clothing is miraculously mud-free once he arrives at the school. Several other subsequent scenes in the same period of time had discrepancies in having mud or no mud on the team members' clothing, going back and forth.

Wayne C.
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Lords of Dogtown picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end of the film when the Z-Boys finally get to skate in Sid's empty pool, the skateboard that is left on the steps changes position every other shot. When the guys first get into the pool, it is facing board-side out. In the next shot, it is facing wheel-side out. Then it alternates back and forth until the end of the scene.

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The Greatest Game Ever Played picture

Continuity mistake: When Francis and Eddie are on the spectators' shoulders, Eddie is behind Francis and removes his hat. The next shot Eddie is next to Francis and has his hat on. (01:50:35)

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The Bad News Bears picture

Continuity mistake: In the last game when Justin is finally allowed to hit the ball, the pitcher makes two throws but the score has 2 strikes and 1 ball.

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