Cinderella Man

Continuity mistake: When Mae is at the sink washing dishes and, behind her, Braddock is teaching his kids how to box, Mae turns around and emotionally yells, "No boxing in the house!", the strap on the apron she is wearing is twisted. They cut away and in the next shot the strap is no longer twisted.

Continuity mistake: When Gould comes to tell Braddock that he got him a fight with Corn Griffin, they are standing in the open behind all of the apartments. In the background you can see an African American boy carrying a bucket of something through an alley. The camera angle changes and you see the boy start to walk up the alley again. It's the same shot, and it's right near the part where Gould tells Braddock that he will get $250 for the fight.

Continuity mistake: During the Lasky/Braddock fight, Braddock gets a cut on the right side of his face right by his eye. It lines up almost perfectly horizontal with the middle of his right eye. The next time we see him after the fight, when he is returning the relief money, the cut has moved up higher on his right side of his face.

Continuity mistake: When Braddock is fighting Art Lasky, his face gets punched so hard that his mouth piece goes flying out of his mouth and hits the ground. There are drops of spit from the mouth piece on the ground that surround the mouth piece. However, about 10 seconds later when Braddock picks up the mouth piece, the drops of spit on the ground are gone. There is no way the spit would have dried that fast, no matter how hot the floor would have been with the lights on it.

Continuity mistake: The first time we see the relief office, it says, "Emergency Relief Aid." The next time we see the wall (when Braddock returns the money), it says, "Make sure that you have all of your forms filled out completely."

Continuity mistake: When Joe and Braddock are in the locker room, after he has just fought Corn Griffin, Joe is all excited and he starts opening locker doors to find his jacket. He finds his jacket and closes the locker door, but when the shot changes the locker door is now open again.

Deliberate mistake: To make Jim Braddock look more heroic, Max Baer is portrayed as being very mean and hateful. In fact, the real Max Baer was an extremely pleasant man who was devastated when Frankie Campbell died after fighting him. Many boxing historians and sportswriters have complained about this inaccurate depiction of Baer.

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Jim Braddock: I have to believe that when things are bad I can change them.

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Trivia: The man who at the end announces that Jimmy Braddock is the winner is actually the Director's (Ron Howard) Father.

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