Cinderella Man

Factual error: In the scene prior to the Braddock/Baer fight, when Jim's wife Mae comes into the locker room and gives him the heartfelt spiel about being behind him in this fight after all, she leaves the room and as she leaves Jim, Russell Crowe, is standing there in a white "wife beater" tank top. It is a new one with a screened on tag by either Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. Screened-on tag tees didn't come about until the last few years.

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Factual error: Jim's manager drives away after asking him to consider another fight. In the reflection of his windshield you can see palm trees blowing in the wind, an odd sight for New Jersey.


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To make Jim Braddock look more heroic, Max Baer is portrayed as being very mean and hateful. In fact, the real Max Baer was an extremely pleasant man who was devastated when Frankie Campbell died after fighting him. Many boxing historians and sportswriters have complained about this inaccurate depiction of Baer.



The man who at the end announces that Jimmy Braddock is the winner is actually the Director's (Ron Howard) Father.