Cinderella Man

Trivia: The man who at the end announces that Jimmy Braddock is the winner is actually the Director's (Ron Howard) Father.

Trivia: Fighter Max Baer is the father of former "Beverly Hillbillies" star Max Baer Jr, who played Jethro. Max Baer Jr was not happy with the way the film portrayed his father.


Trivia: Rosemarie DeWitt, who plays Sarah Wilson a wife of one of the characters in the movie, is the real life granddaughter of Jim Braddock, the subject of the movie. And according to Ron Howard she was able to provide copies of letters her grandfather wrote her grandmother.

Sonja Marie

Trivia: The man who plays the referee in the fight where Braddock fights Feldman is played by the director's (Ron Howard) brother.

Trivia: Russell Crowe dislocated his shoulder in Sydney whilst training for a boxing scene. The injury delayed the start of the production on the film for two months.

Trivia: All of the dialogue during the fight scene between Braddock and Baer was ad-libbed.

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