Best adventure movie plot holes of 2004

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Flight of the Phoenix picture

Plot hole: This film is set in 2004. The thought that no search and rescue operations would be put in place after an aircraft disappeared from radar during a routine flight is absurd. The Chinese are paranoid about intrusion on their territory and the downed aircraft would have been located by a simple satellite search within hours of it crashing. Chinese military satellites crisscross the Gobi and they are equipped with optical cameras, microwave and infrared detectors and radar, so spotting a metal aircraft on the ground would be simple even if it was hundreds of kilometres off course. The crew would have been visited by Chinese military helicopters (and probably arrested!) as soon as the storm had died down.


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Suggested correction: The Chinese government, for whatever reason, may have denied there was any crash at all if it suited their purposes, and the oil company that owned the plane would have little recourse. The Chinese have done this before. For the purpose of the plot, the survivors decided that they had to save themselves rather than wait for rescue and that was completely plausible.

Suggested correction: It's now 2021, and we still can't find Malaysian Airlines MH370. So this suggestion of planes always being found is laughable.


MH370 crashed into the ocean, and in fact some wreckage has been found. The Chinese military does not have the south Indian Ocean under satellite surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike the Gobi desert where a crashed plane would be spotted within hours of it going missing.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban picture

Plot hole: Harry never notices that the name "Peter Pettigrew" appears on the Marauder's Map, right next to "Ronald Weasley." Way beyond a character mistake, as there's no way that wouldn't be cause for interest. If nothing else, Ron's brothers who had the map for years before giving it to Harry, would most certainly have wondered why their brother was sleeping with a person named Peter Pettigrew.

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Suggested correction: JK Rowling explained why Ron's brothers didn't wonder why Ron was sleeping with a man named Peter Pettigrew. Here is the link:

jon snow

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London picture

Plot hole: The secret CIA base at Kamp Woody was underground. Kids searching for years have combed the camp, but never found it, but when Cody is going down the escalator, you can see bright skylights on the roof. If the sun is able to shine through, that means the skylights aren't hidden, and the kids would be able to find the camp.

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King Arthur picture

Plot hole: When the two Legionnaires open the gate of the Hadrian's Wall, they lean forward with their shoulders against the doors as if to push, but they are really pulling. (00:33:10)

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The Day After Tomorrow picture

Plot hole: When you see the shot of New York, just before the scene where the apartment lights go out, there are no lights on in the buildings, or car lights in the street, although it is dark. The lights should still be on as there has not been a power outage. (01:28:00)

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Without a Paddle picture

Plot hole: The Hillbillies take a "short cut" to catch up with the guys after they are taken in by Burt Reynolds. However, the guys get a chance to sleep comfortably until morning before being confronted by them. (01:12:10)

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Thunderbirds picture

Plot hole: Near the end of the film, the crippled Thunderbird 5 is about to catastrophically re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and burn up. Predictably, the younger Tracy brother restores control, saves Thunderbird 5 and all on board. A few seconds later, a computer announces that Thunderbird 5 has resumed a geostationary orbit (such orbits are only possible at an altitude of 400km) My point? Pulling out of a fall, climbing 370km in a few seconds, and then stopping dead 400km up would have required such a massive acceleration/deceleration that everyone on board would probably have been pulverized, even if it were possible for a badly-damaged space station to move that fast.

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Alien Vs. Predator picture

Plot hole: A big deal is made about the pyramid reconfiguring every ten minutes, which the archaeologist surmises because the calendar is metric (powers of ten). Why then would it be in minutes, rather than a truly metric time measurement (eg a 100th of a day)?.


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Wake of Death picture

Plot hole: At the beginning of the movie Ben's wife meets Kim who is 'fresh off the boat' from somewhere in Asia. Whenever she speaks to Kim she speaks in English, Kim never answers. We therefore assume that Kim does not wish to speak to Ben's wife or Kim cannot understand English. After Ben's wife takes Kim home and settles her in a bed. Kim says something in English. Ben's wife answers Kim in Chinese or another Asian language. Why. did Ben's wife not try speaking to Kim in her native language at the outset? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Martin Erskine

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Shrek 2 picture

Plot hole: It is apparent that Shrek and Donkey have never traveled to the land of Far Far Away, yet Donkey immediately recognizes the "old Keeblers' place" when he should have no idea where it is or what it looks like.

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Around the World in 80 Days picture

Plot hole: The hot air balloon carries Fogg and friends quite a distance, but where is the heat source?

Sol Parker

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

Plot hole: During the play Klaus climbs up the side of the building to save the baby. He gets up and finds out Olaf burned their home with a giant magnifying glass. Later, Klaus uses the magnifying glass to burn the marriage certificate. This is impossible because the device couldn't have possibly been facing or forced to face the stage. The magnifying glass was on the other side of where Klaus climbed up and when he was climbing up he was facing the stage.

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Ella Enchanted picture

Plot hole: Breaking the spell should have been quite easy for Ella to accomplish. All she needed to do was have someone like Mandy or Areida command her to never follow another command again, and the spell would have been broken.

Mike Lynch

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Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle picture

Plot hole: When Harold and Kumar are smoking on the stairs, the security guard scares them away, but he never actually saw Harold and Kumar. Later at the party, the security guard and another guy point out to them and briefly chase after them.


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