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Smallville picture

Gone - S4-E2

Other mistake: Lois digs up Chloe's grave site to unearth her casket. It is obvious that the casket is not buried six feet deep. You would think, with all that is going on, that LuthorCorp would have at least buried the casket deeper to deter inquisitive eyes and maybe throw in a few scattered bones for good measure.

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The Fairly OddParents picture

Super Bike / A Mile in My Shoes - S2-E6

Other mistake: When Jorgen does wand-ups to Cosmo and Wanda, he counts 1,2,1,2,etc, yet when he does them to Timmy, he counts 1,2,3,etc.

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Alias picture

Season 1 generally

Other mistake: For secret agents, Sydney and Dixon are not very dedicated to secret identities. At several points they refer to each other by their real names in front of other people while they are under aliases. Examples include The Confession party and The Coup Las Vegas scenes.

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Attila picture

Show generally

Other mistake: In the party/orgy scene where Aetius is showing off Rome to Attila, one can see a woman with her back to us reveal herself to a man and woman. Despite her veil, one can see her thong underwear. This type of underwear is a 20th century innovation.

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Scrubs picture

My Overkill - S2-E1

Other mistake: When JD and Turk get coffee from the street vendor, Turk tips the cup at an angle which shows they are empty as it doesn't spill.

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Phoenix Nights picture

Season 1 Episode 2 - S1-E2

Other mistake: At the start of the line dancing scene where Ray Von is deejaying, if you have the subtitles on, it says the song is Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll by the Woolpackers. It's actually 5,6,7,8 by Steps. (I'm quite embarrassed I know that).

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24 (2001)

24 picture

Day 4: 4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M. - S4-E22

Other mistake: After Michelle and Tony kiss, he goes away and she says 'Tony, be careful'. In the next episode in the "previously on 24" section Michelle whispers it to his ear. (00:29:30)

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Star Trek: Enterprise picture

Affliction (1) - S4-E15

Other mistake: When Captain Hernandez gives an order to her helmsman, she says "lieutenant". But the helmsman has only one pip on her uniform, she's an ensign, not a lieutenant.

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Degrassi: The Next Generation picture

The Mating Game - S1-E6

Other mistake: In the episode "The Mating Game," Ashley states, "Terry, sorry about last night." Unless she was with Jimmy and Ashley, because she is referring to when Ashley yelled at Terry. But that was 2 days ago, so why is she saying "last night" when it was 2 days ago?

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Band of Brothers picture

Replacements - S1-E4

Other mistake: When Heffron is taking his throw at darts, he states that he needs a "double seven". When he takes the throw, the dart goes into the treble eight (an earlier close-up confirms that the board has the standard Gamlin configuration), yet, from the reaction he gets, he's made the throw he was going for. (00:04:40)

Tailkinker Premium member
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Still Game picture

Shooglies - S2-E7

Other mistake: In the inside of the flat where Jack and Victor dine with Frank McCallum, on the left wall there is a window on the left and a door on the right. However, this is impossible in their block of flats as we see in the exterior shots - there are no balconies and the layout of the building makes it impossible for a door and an exterior window to be on the same wall. From the cast commentary.

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Justice League picture

Paradise Lost (2) - S1-E9

Other mistake: When Lex finally manages to open Batman's utility belt and spills out its contents, we see several hand grenades dropping out of the pouches. However, these grenades are standard military egg grenades, and with their size and bulk they should have bulged out the square pouches in which they had been kept - if they had ever fitted inside in the first place.

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Six Feet Under picture

Knock, Knock - S1-E13

Other mistake: Nate has his pager with him when sitting his exam paper. The pager goes off and he takes it from his pocket and reads a message without any comment from the exam invigilator.

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Lizzie McGuire picture

Misadventures in Babysitting - S1-E8

Other mistake: When Mr. McGuire is trying to get back into the house to check on how Lizzie is doing babysitting, the lock chain is on the door, so he grabs a saw to cut through it. He begins to saw it - however he forgot to take the yellow cover off of the metal blade. (00:18:40)

Hamster Premium member
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