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My Dog Skip picture

Plot hole: In the scene where Willie takes Skip to the army recruiter, the recruiter classifies Skip as 4-F because one of his testicles hasn't dropped. But seconds later when Skip stands on his rear feet, it is apparent that Willie, well let's just say that a pair beats an ace high.

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Looking for Alibrandi picture

Factual error: Nonna knew the Australia (ie, Josie's real grandfather) in 1945 - the photograph is dated. Josie's mother was born from this union, and had Josie when she was 17. During the film, Josie herself is seventeen. About thirty-five years would have passed, then, making the present about 1980 or so. But it's quite clear (from the fashions, technology, streetscapes, dialogue, references, music, cars, etc, etc) that it's around 2000 or so, twenty years too late.

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Essex Boys picture

Continuity mistake: This film is based on the Rettendon Range Rover Murders in 1995, when some drug dealers were killed in a Range Rover, however in the film a new (1995-) Range Rover is used, I believe from footage at the time, a Range Rover Classic (1970-1995) was the car they were killed in.

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Anatomy picture

Revealing mistake: In the end, when Paula kills Hein, you can see in close-ups that the scars on his face are on tape and not on his skin.

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Panic picture

Factual error: Alex's 6-year-old kid must be a very powerful little boy: when he grabs that model aeroplane glue tube it bursts in the air like water.


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Finding Forrester picture

Factual error: In one scene in "Finding Forrester", Sean Connery's character video-tapes a bird from his apartment window, proclaiming that it is an "adult male...Connecticut Warbler." He then shows the image on his camcorder to Rob Brown's character and the audience. But the image we see is NOT a Connecticut Warbler. It is an adult male Yellow Warbler. There's no way to confuse the two species. The Yellow Warbler is very distinctive: all yellow, with faint chestnut streaking on its chest. The Connecticut Warbler has a greenish back and a grey "hood" (head, throat, and chest). If he HAD shown a picture of a Connecticut Warbler, that might have been confusing, because there are other warblers that look like a Connecticut. But the Yellow Warbler is unmistakable, and the brief glimpse in the movie left me with no doubt. It is such a simple, and obvious mistake, that I must wonder if they made it on purpose, just to test the audience. Anyone who could come up with the name "Connecticut Warbler" would have to know what one looks like, or at least have easy access to an image (there's zillions on the web, not to mention in scores of books, including ANY guide to North American birds). Even assuming the filmmakers had correctly depicted a Connecticut warbler on Sean Connery's camcorder, the likelihood of this species appearing outside a third-story window in the Bronx is practically nil. Connecticut warblers are extremely secretive birds that do not perch in trees, but walk on the ground, amongst dense vegetation. Furthermore, they are not in the New York area, but occur there only on rare occasions during migration. Even in its proper habitat, a sighting of one is considered exceptional.

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Beethoven's 3rd picture

Factual error: The Colorado state police car following the RV is white with red stripes down the side of the chassis. Colorado police cars have blue stripes.

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Luck of the Draw picture

Plot hole: In the several scenes at the hotel when Carlo and Bonehead confront Jack there are a total of 9 shots fired in the hallway and another 30 ultimately fired in the room as well as a chair thrown through a window. Although we were able to hear a baby crying in another room when Jack initially climbed the stairs no one seems to hear the monumental confrontation for a very long time or look outside their rooms to see Bonehead lying dead in the hallway. Carlo has an enormous amount of time to patiently question Jack and make phone calls. When sirens do arise after a long while, the very first responders are the Feds screeching up in their big red Caprice followed by some police. Somehow the US Treasury Department is able to get to the scene faster than the police.

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Relative Values picture

Continuity mistake: One of the characters flies from America to England. He takes off in a Pan-Am Boeing Stratocruiser, but lands in a TWA Lockheed Constellation.

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Cecil B. DeMented picture

Other mistake: When Honey Whitlock throws a grenade during the shoot at the Baltimore Film Commission meeting, you see the explosion before the grenade actually falls all the way behind the wall that the explosion supposedly comes from. I think the pyrotechnics guys let the explosion off a little early.

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Beautiful picture

Other mistake: There are references to there being 50 representatives in the pageant, however "Miss District of Columbia" is seen numerous times during the early stages of the pageant.

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An Extremely Goofy Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Goofy throws his horseshoe at Bradley near the end of the film, it hits him in the neck. But later when you see Bradley, he has a black eye even though the horseshoe never hit him in the eye.

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Gormenghast picture

Other mistake: The wet nurse that cares for the newborn Titus is pregnant when she is hired. She is far enough along to be producing milk, yet doesn't give birth until Titus is a year old.

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Versus picture

Visible crew/equipment: In many of the fight sequences, wires are visible on the actors when performing high jump kicks and/or acrobatics, for example, the first time the main character encounters zombies in hand to hand combat, a rope harness can be seen pulling the zombie back towards the tree.

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Gossip picture

Continuity mistake: When Jones throws the glass of wine on the floor, the glass shatters and is completely dry.

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Spiders picture

Continuity mistake: When Marci escapes from the web in the elevator shaft, she closes the door on the spider chasing her. In that sequence, the door closes automatically; in other scenes, the door opens and closes manually.

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Fail Safe picture

Factual error: There is a scene where interceptors, flying out of an Alaskan air base, are ordered to go to afterburners in a desperate attempt to catch the lone bomber. When the commander of the flight signals his wing to light their afterburners, they cut to a shot of a jet firing missiles.

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Crime and Punishment in Suburbia picture

Continuity mistake: They day after the abusive encounter with her stepfather, there is a shot of Rosanne full on, walking forward. There are three pieces of hair on her face. Then there is a side shot of her and there is no hair on her face and it's all pulled back.

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Ordinary Decent Criminal picture

Continuity mistake: When the car door (of Mr. and Mrs. Harmless) is being hit by the truck, the truck can be seen in the moment of collision, but disappears in the next shot, when the door flies over the street. (00:24:40)

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The Color of Friendship picture

Factual error: In the final scene when Mahree returns to the farm, the car arriving at the farmhouse has the newer, yellow number plates. During the 1970s, South African vehicle number plates were white text on a black background. Transvaal province was the first to use the new black on yellow plates in 1978.

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