Luck of the Draw

Plot hole: In the several scenes at the hotel when Carlo and Bonehead confront Jack there are a total of 9 shots fired in the hallway and another 30 ultimately fired in the room as well as a chair thrown through a window. Although we were able to hear a baby crying in another room when Jack initially climbed the stairs no one seems to hear the monumental confrontation for a very long time or look outside their rooms to see Bonehead lying dead in the hallway. Carlo has an enormous amount of time to patiently question Jack and make phone calls. When sirens do arise after a long while, the very first responders are the Feds screeching up in their big red Caprice followed by some police. Somehow the US Treasury Department is able to get to the scene faster than the police.

Deliberate mistake: When Carlo and Bonehead go upstairs to confront Jack at the hotel, Bonehead accidentally shoots Carlo in the leg and Carlo fires eight shots in retaliation at Bonehead killing him. Carlo immediately bursts into Jack's room same gun drawn. When Jack jumps out the window Carlo begins firing and shoots another 15 times. There is no way the single clip in the gun Carlo uses could possibly fire 23 rounds.

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