Best family movie factual errors of 1998

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The Parent Trap picture

Factual error: If you have ever actually seen London then you can see that the route Hallie takes to get to the house would take you all around London.

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Dr. Dolittle picture

Factual error: Dr. Dolittle is driving through San Francisco with a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee - there are no Dunkin' Donuts in San Francisco.

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The Prince of Egypt picture

Factual error: During the plague when the fire and rocks are falling from the sky, they fall behind a statue of Rameses and are seen through its hollow eye holes. It makes for a great image, but that would mean that the statue's eyes were punched out like a mask, even though before they were just carved into the stone.


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A Bug's Life picture

Factual error: The size of the shadow of an object depends upon its distance from the light source, not the surface it falls upon. Lifting the cutout of the bird a few inches closer to the sun as they do would make absolutely no difference to the size of its shadow, yet it quadruples in size.

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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride picture

Factual error: Near the end of the song "One Of Us" when Kovu is exiled, the beisa oryx at the front of the animal chorus (the one shaking her head slowly) has incorrect facial markings for her species. The other beisa oryx in the background has the correct markings. When she sings "He is not one of us," solo, she has correct facial markings, but lacks the correct leg markings, which she had when her facial markings were incorrect.

Blue Phoenix

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Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World picture

Factual error: During The "What A Day In London" sequence, William Shakespeare is seen reading his line "to be or not to be" from his play Hamlet. Pocahontas did sail to London in 1616, but Shakespeare died on April 23rd 1616, when Pocahontas arrived on June 12th 1616.

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Small Soldiers picture

Factual error: In order to incapacitate the Fimples, the Commandos fire sleeping pills into their drink via a mouse trap converted into a catapult. But in every spring- or torsion-powered one-armed catapult, a horizontal bar is required which stops the arm as it swings forward, or otherwise the load would be smashed into the ground in front of the weapon.

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Mulan picture

Factual error: During the morning training session, Shang shot an arrow to the top of the pole so his soldiers can get it, but the arrow is stuck in a horizontal position. A difficult position to achieve, for someone shooting an arrow from below. Even if the arrow hit the pole at such a point in its arc, its kinetic energy would be at its weakest, preventing it from boring into the pole.

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The Corridors of Time: The Visitors II picture

Factual error: Beatrice is a different woman in this movie than the first movie. The Beatrice from the first movie is the lady who asks Uber and Jacoille to scare her child so he could do his homework.

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Pokemon: the First Movie picture Pokemon: the First Movie mistake picture

Factual error: When New Island's reflection is in a window on Giovanni's helicopter, it is not reversed. (00:15:19)


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Babe: Pig in the City picture

Factual error: When the plane takes off, the flight attendants on board are standing doing a safety demonstration. In real life the take off gradient is much steeper meaning they would either be thrown against the floor or at least find it difficult to stand. Also due to FAA regulation it is forbidden for anyone to stand on take off.

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I'll Be Home for Christmas picture

Factual error: After the group of ladies drop Jake off, he's seen at the on-ramp of "I-15 east" trying to hitch a ride. I-15 is a North / South interstate. While portions go east / West, its on-ramps are still labeled as North or South.

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