I'll Be Home for Christmas

Visible crew/equipment: Just before Johnathan Taylor Thomas climbs into the fake Santa's sleigh to sleep for the night, he is talking to Santa and playing with his hand. On his lower chest is the shadow of the camera (since the light is coming from behind the camera), which disappears in the following angle.


Factual error: After the group of ladies drop Jake off, he's seen at the on-ramp of "I-15 east" trying to hitch a ride. I-15 is a North / South interstate. While portions go east / West, its on-ramps are still labeled as North or South.

Plot hole: When Jake's sister gets a him an airline ticket, he says he has no ID so can't pick up the ticket. Just a few minutes before that he won the Santa race, and it shows him coming out of the bank after cashing the check. He would need ID for that.

Continuity mistake: Jake is opening Ian's locker, with Ian inside. He asks the third number of the combination; depending on the shot, he's holding the lock with both hands, or he has one hand on the door itself. (00:03:10)


Continuity mistake: When Jake is holding onto the roof of the vehicle, he sees a toddler in the back seat. When the vehicle makes a turn and Jake falls off, the toddler isn't in the back seat.


Tracey Wilkinson: When did I become your slave?
Jake Wilkinson: The day you were born.

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