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Sling Blade picture

Revealing mistake: Looks like Frosty Cream is actually a Dairy Queen. When Karl is ordering, the menu board behind the employee lists items such as "DQ Sandwich", "Dilly Bar", and a spot where you see part of DQ's old motto.


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The Arrival picture

Revealing mistake: When Kiki's legs "reverse" at the end of the film as he runs off, watch closely. It is clear the effect was achieved through some shoddy image-manipulation. His clothing and hands "warp" slightly a few times around his legs.

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Chain Reaction picture

Revealing mistake: When the policeman is shot on the roof of the observatory and the police cars drive across the grass, you can see the tyre marks in the grass from previous takes.

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City Hall picture

Revealing mistake: When Kevin shows the Mayor the Times editorial about the judge he quotes a phrase from the article about whether the man would be a judge if not a former law partner of the mayor. Unlike many newspaper articles shown in films where if you read the article text it is actually jibberish, here it is a legitimate article criticizing the way judges are elected, but some parts are repeated, and it states nothing about the judge being a former law partner of the mayor.

Michael Prete

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Flirting with Disaster picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene with Patricia Arquette sitting on the hotel toilet in her robe, she reaches for the toilet paper and spreads her legs for a moment. We can see she is wearing panties while she was supposedly doing her business.

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