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Savate picture

Continuity mistake: Charlegrande stabs von Trotta in his right eye, but in all later scenes it is the left eye that's missing.


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Mulholland Falls picture

Continuity mistake: When the Colonel finishes talking to the General on the phone, he practically throws the phone into the army truck out of frustration. In the following shot, you can see the soldier in the truck with the phone in hand, as if it was calmly given to him, even as you hear the end of the "clunk" from when it was thrown. (00:52:50)


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Rob Roy picture

Other mistake: In the scene around the camp fire, Rob Roy can be clearly seen with with plasters on his hand.

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Virtual Combat picture

Continuity mistake: There are four appearances of an "agent equipped PDA" which is flipped open like an "original" Star Trek communicator, however the director of Burkett Industries persists in holding his PDA upside-down.

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Favorite Deadly Sins picture

Revealing mistake: In the "Anger" segment, right before Dice is shot up and killed in the convenience store, the explosive bullet/blood packs are visible under his shirt.

Daniel Garner

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Living in Oblivion picture

Revealing mistake: After Nicole has showered and she is getting out, you can see that she is wearing underwear as she is stepping out, to protect her modesty.

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Angus picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening football scene, when Angus makes a tackle, the football clearly falls to the ground. In the next shot, however, it is seen soaring through the air.

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Screamers picture

Continuity mistake: Becker is the last to go through the hatch into the NEB bunker, but when the camera switches to the view inside the bunker, Becker is seen already on the walkway while the others are still climbing down the ladder.

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The Basketball Diaries picture

Revealing mistake: When Jim is rescued from the snow (thrown over Reggie's shoulder), he moves his leg, although he is supposed to be unconscious.


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Kids picture

Continuity mistake: When "Telly" and "Casper" leaves Telly's apartment, his shirt is white. In the next shot when it shows them walking to the park, his shirt is gray. (00:35:25 - 00:36:45)

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The Crossing Guard picture

Continuity mistake: Peter's hair position changes when he says the famous line, "Did you get butt-fuc**d in prison?" and after John replies "It only hurts the first time".

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Murder in the First picture

Factual error: Throughout the film they show exterior shots of Alcatraz. If you pay attention you can clearly see that the Warden's house is destroyed and all that remains is a shell. Also there is only 1 guard tower. Alcatraz had many guard towers but they were destroyed in the seventies by fire. The movie takes place in the late thirties.

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Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film Willy jumps on a barrier in the water, causing it to break. During that scene its clear that the orca has been pasted into the background as the outline is too sharp.

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Blue Juice picture

Continuity mistake: When JC is in the car with his friends, he says Chloe has no money and between shots his collar jumps from under to over the seat belt.

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Mr. Holland's Opus picture

Continuity mistake: Glen Holland owns a Chevy Corvair throughout the film. The car at the beginning of the film is a 1961 model 500 (the base model with bench seats), but at the end of the film it is a 1964 Monza (the top of the line model, with bucket seats).

James Phillips

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White Man's Burden picture

Continuity mistake: When John leaves the table to get a refill on water, over half his burger is left. When he comes around the corner to see that Thad is gone, both the burgers are too.


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The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain picture

Continuity mistake: One whole day of the week is missing. The rain begins on Wednesday night, but the narrator has the rain beginning Thursday night. All of Thursday is missing.

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A Goofy Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Max is running out of the school after successfully becoming cool. We see his friend with the orange mohawk at least twice. Once hanging from a statue, and another where he's reaching out from a school bus. These two shots are really close together so there is no way that he could have moved that quick.

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The Immortals picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the two police cars are chasing the truck, the two police cars crash into each other and explode - as soon as this happens the truck mysteriously disappears.

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The Nutcracker picture

Continuity mistake: When Mari gets up from the chair to go put the Nutcracker away, she walks towards a china cabinet. You can see by the shapes of the items through the windows in the doors of the cabinet that it is full of various dishes. But when she opens it, it is suddenly full of dolls and doll accessories.

Quantom X Premium member

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