Kids (1995)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When "Telly" and "Casper" leaves Telly's apartment, his shirt is white. In the next shot when it shows them walking to the park, his shirt is gray. (00:35:25 - 00:36:45)

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene when "Telly" and "Girl 1" are making out, both of their heads are tilted to their right. In the very next shot both of their heads are tilted to their left without any time going by between shots. (00:01:05)

Plot hole: When Jenny goes into the bathroom and asks Casper where Telly is, Casper says he is in Steven's parent's room sleeping with a girl. How would he know where they were, since he was in the bathroom for the majority of the party, especially when Telly and Darcy came in from outside?

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