A Goofy Movie

Continuity mistake: When Max is running out of the school after successfully becoming cool. We see his friend with the orange mohawk at least twice. Once hanging from a statue, and another where he's reaching out from a school bus. These two shots are really close together so there is no way that he could have moved that quick.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the diner, we see Max's breakfast of bacon and eggs. In the following shot he's in, the bacon disappears, only to reappear in the next shot of him.

Continuity mistake: At the end,when the car blows up, Goofy is blown out of his shoes and into the roof of the house. But as the movie fades out,he's got his shoes back on. How?

Continuity mistake: In the waterfall scene, Max is grasping the top of the fishing pole while Goofy is hanging from the cork handle at the other end. The cork sleeve slips off of the handle and Goofy falls. But when we see Max handling the fishing pole to try and catch him, the cork handle is intact.

Other mistake: As Goofy and Max leave for their road trip, and Max says "Goodbye hopes, Goodbye dreams, Goodbye Roxanne " Max 'pops' into a realization key pose, without any 'in-betweening' at all.


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Suggested correction: After he says "Roxanne" the first time, we see him pop his head up before he says her name again.


Continuity mistake: At Lester's Possum Park is everyone exits the "possum cave" after the show is over. Later Max is re-exiting the "possum cave" after his embarrassing dance with Goofy.

Max: Why are you doing this to me, Dad?
Goofy: 'Cause, I don't want you to end up in the electric chair.

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Trivia: During the concert scene at the end, after Max swings over the stage and knocks the security guard into the monitor, the camera pans to the cheering crowd. Toward the bottom right corner you can see Mickey Mouse in the audience.

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Question: I have looked all over the web for the wav of the sound Goofy makes whenever he is falling, which he does at least once in every cartoon he is in. It sounds like 'yah-ha-ha-hooey.' I have never found it, so can someone point me to where I might be able to download it?

Answer: Took about 1 minute to Google this: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7451/sounds.html


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