Best movie mistakes of 1993

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Best of the Best 2 picture

Revealing mistake: Right before Alex and Tommy are about to leave for their date, Walter is playing Tetris. When he puts down the control to come talk to them in the kitchen, the game keeps playing and you can see the pieces moving and turning.


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Hexed picture

Continuity mistake: When Hexina chases Matt with the knife, she steps on the trigger of a camera, getting her picture taken. Simon sees this later and somehow it has Matt in the background despite him getting out of the way.


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The Hidden II picture

Factual error: Detective Beck's daughter states that she had not seen her father for several years. That he lived as a hermit and did not let her in. Then why when she goes with the good alien to where her father used to live, she has the key to get in?


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Lady Dragon 2 picture

Continuity mistake: When Susan defeats Delores Hernandez in their karate championship match, she's lying on the mat, head turned to her right. A quick shot of one of the judge and suddenly Hernandez's head is turned to her left.


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The Age of Innocence picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ellen and Newland are seated in her living room by the fire, we see her take a cigarette holder charm off of her bracelet. Then, the next scene shows a closeup of the cigarette holder charm, and she is again removing it.

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When a Stranger Calls Back picture

Continuity mistake: Julia is apparently being helpful towards the stranger at the door. She is taking notes as he says his name and auto club card number. She is casting a visible shadow on the door, entirely gone in the close-up of the door itself. (00:08:15)

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Continuity mistake: The two buddies are eating and listening to the exposition news item about the "Zone of Personal Freedom." In the last part of the scene ("Who do you suppose are gonna call to clean that up?" the straw inside Chad McQueen's milkshake keeps swapping position between the middle and the rim of the glass. (00:03:20)

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Trauma picture

Plot hole: In the scene in the hotel, David sees the victim's head on the floor after the killer left. Later when David is in a hospital bed he is watching TV and the reporter claims that all the heads were in Judd's car. The killer would have had to have gone back into the hotel room to get the head of that victim after David saw it. She would have put it in her bag right away if she was saving them all. The bag was even left behind. (01:12:30 - 01:25:00)


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Angelfist picture

Revealing mistake: During the tournament we see one fighter, a woman in pink spandex, fight Catya Sassoon twice. It's obvious due to the fact that Catya's wearing different clothes during each match.


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Between Love and Hate picture

Plot hole: It's never revealed how Vivian's husband knew of their affair, he just seems to know.


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