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Freaked picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Rick returns from the lab with the macaroons, it is obvious that the worm man is only in half of his costume. He's wearing black pants and shoes and sitting on a stool.

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For the Moment picture

Continuity mistake: As the young Navigator is going to catch the train, the Union Jack flag at the end of the platform is upside down.

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Matinee picture

Revealing mistake: The soldiers on the beach were armed with M-16 rifles. The movie period was 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The M-16 and M-16A1 were not manufactured until 1964.

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Suggested correction: Just watched Matinee again after reading this. I saw M1 carbines, M1919A4 and M2.50 cal machine guns and M14 rifles. There are no M16 series weapons in this movie.

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Malice picture

Plot hole: Andy is interrogated by the detective after the latest rape, as evidence in this one points to him. Problem is, the cop mentions that all the victims had visited Andy's office before their attacks. In real life, with information like that, he would have been a suspect and subject to questioning from the very first incident.

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The Man Without a Face picture

Continuity mistake: When Chuck spills milk on Gloria, her face and hair get completely wet. She starts screaming and yelling at him up the stairs. When she does, she's completely dry and clean. She didn't have time to clean herself. Really obvious.

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Stalingrad picture

Other mistake: During the first fight scene just before you see Gege accidentally shoot his friend, Fritz goes off with another German to look for Russians. However, as he sets off you can see that he has no bullets in his gun at all! There is no magazine attached. (00:27:25)

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Manhattan Murder Mystery picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Carol and Ted are waiting in the car, during the shot where it is raining, you can see the reflection of a crew member on the window. He tries to stay out of sight, but you can still see him moving.

Dr Wilson

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For Love or Money picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Doug is pitching his idea to Christian, they are outside on the terrace of the hotel. As Christian is walking inside, he walks past some windows and you can see the camera and the crew in the reflection.

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Puppet Master 4 picture

Revealing mistake: Dr. Piper gets her left ring finger cut off by a Totem, yet while she is running, the finger has reappeared. (00:09:00)

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Searching For Bobby Fischer picture

Deliberate mistake: Towards the end of the film, Josh is playing a game in the park with Vinnie, and Vinnie asks "What's that?", to which Josh replies "Schliemann Attack." However, this dialogue occurs while the game is still in standard opening theory and before Josh has played the move that introduces the Schliemann Attack (pawn to f5).

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The Cover Girl Murders picture

Deliberate mistake: At the end of the film its revealed all the murders were a hoax and everyone was in on the plan to set up Rex (Lee Majors). Why then exactly were Rachel (Vanessa Angel) and Patrice (Adrian Paul) talking together and pretending like they were trying to find the killer. In one of the scenes Rachel believes she has caught a photo of one of the men who she thought might be a killer and is showing Patrice, but Rex wasn't anywhere around. Therefore why were they pretending to find a killer or keep up the illusion whilst Rex wasn't around?

Lummie Premium member

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The Snapper picture

Factual error: When Sharon is being driven by her Dad to the hospital to give birth to her baby ('Snapper'), they drive over a bridge on the River Liffey in Dublin to the south side of the city. However, the Rotunda Hospital, where she gives birth is on the North side of the city, quite a distance away from where they seemed to be headed.

Deborah Nolan

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The Thing Called Love picture

Continuity mistake: After Miranda sings for the hotel manager, her guitar case closes and zips itself in a split-second.


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Sirens picture

Continuity mistake: When Sheela, Pru and their two dates leaves the house, Giddy is seen sitting upright by the table. When it cuts to a close-up of Giddy, she leans onto the table while resting her head on her hand. (00:38:05)


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And the Band Played On picture

Factual error: At the end of the movie they say that Bill Kraus died on January 26th, 1986 but he actually died on January 11th, 1986.

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Son of the Pink Panther picture

Revealing mistake: When Henry Mancini hands his conductor's baton over to the animated Pink Panther in the title sequence, he pushes it straight through the Panther's hand.


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