Hexed (1993)

4 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When Matt's trying to call the police Hexina jumps on his back. He shoves her off onto the floor where she lands without hitting anything. Yet somehow she's got a broken nail which heals up after that closeup shot.


Continuity mistake: When Hexina chases Matt with the knife, she steps on the trigger of a camera, getting her picture taken. Simon sees this later and somehow it has Matt in the background despite him getting out of the way.


Character mistake: Detective Ferguson doesn't follow procedure and give Gloria her right to counsel prior to interrogation.


Continuity mistake: When Hexina falls to her death, she's falling face down. When a close up shot is shown, she's lying on her back.


Matthew Welsh: You cold-blooded murderess.
Hexina: What did you just call me?
Matthew Welsh: Murderess.
Hexina: Oh, I thought you said Methodist. For a moment I was insulted.

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