Best action movie audio problems of 1992

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Alien 3 picture

Audio problem: When Aaron attacks "Bishop II", he yells, "F***in' android.", but the words don't match the movement of his lips. (01:41:45)

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Batman Returns picture

Audio problem: The Batmobile is supposed to be powered by a Jet engine. The sound in the sequel is dubbed rather flawlessly except for two brief instances when you can hear the 8 cylinder piston engine.

Sol Parker

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Universal Soldier picture

Audio problem: When Jean Claude and the girl are in the bus while Dolph is throwing hand grenades, they say a few lines as their bus is getting rammed. There are 3 lines in a row where what they say is not what is heard. 2 lines by the woman and 1 line by Van Damme. (01:16:15)

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Lethal Weapon 3 picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Lorna pulls the history on the MAC-10, the keystrokes aren't even close to being synced with what is appearing on the computer screen. (00:52:40)

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Reservoir Dogs picture

Audio problem: In the scene when Mr Blonde comes to the warehouse and asks Mr White if he's going to bark all day, Mr Pink rushes in to break them up and right after he says 'calm the f**k down', he says 'hey come on' but his mouth doesn't move.


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer picture

Audio problem: When Buffy is using the flag as a weapon to fight Lothos, you can hear the metal clang of the sword, but the flag pole is made from wood.

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Passenger 57 picture

Audio problem: When Cutter rolls at shoots at Vincent, we can hear the distinct sound of his pistol. However, we see a shot of the pistol's slide in the open/locked position, meaning he's run out of ammo, but we can still hear the pistol being fired a few times after that.


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Under Siege picture

Audio problem: The two mercenaries Ryback kills in the kitchen have suppressors on their weapons yet you hear every shot as if the suppressors aren't attached.

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Rapid Fire picture

Audio problem: A few times during the restaurant shootout, especially with that turret gun that was disguised as a coat rack, you can see the gun firing, but there is no sound of gunfire. The music is still playing, but no gunshots are heard. This is also done earlier in the film when Daniels was shooting at Jake as he's running and jumping over the metal beams after escaping from the hotel room.

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