Best movie factual errors of 1989

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Honey I Shrunk The Kids picture

Factual error: After their parents give up looking for the kids, there's a "time passing" scene showing the lit attic window from the outside of the house, in which the night grows lighter until it's morning of the next day. But the moon in the picture doesn't move. How can the moon stand still if time is passing?

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Dead Bang picture

Factual error: Three different characters (including two police officers) describe the car driven by the bad guys as being a maroon Ford wagon. Yet in the two scenes showing the car, it's a Pontiac.

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Batman picture

Factual error: The Bat signal at the end would not show up like it did in the film. In order to be as clear as it was, as well as visible, it would actually have to shine onto a surface, not just the clouds. They made this same mistake in Returns, but made it believable in the clouds (just not as sharp) in Forever.

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Steel Magnolias picture

Factual error: In the scene with the Christmas decor in the front yard, all the trees are green as well as the grass and landscaping. Even in Louisiana at that time of the year, most everything would be dormant. (00:59:23 - 01:02:24)

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Gleaming the Cube picture

Factual error: After the passenger door gets ripped off the Oldsmobile Toronado, a female voice is heard repeating that the "passenger door is ajar." While the Toronado was available with an optional Voice Alert system, the GM system used a male voice.

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier picture

Factual error: When Kirk falls off El Capitan, he is shown falling all the way past the tops of the trees. I have been to Yosemite and the trees are tall, but not tall enough to give Spock enough time to slow then stop Kirk's fall.


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Suggested correction: This is a few hundred years in the future.

Quantom X Premium member

By the time Kirk reaches the top of the trees, he is traveling at terminal velocity (assuming Kirk was halfway up, about 2000 feet from the ground, and an initial fall rate of 32 feet per second, per second), approximately 120 mph, about 200 feet per second. If the trees were 1000 feet tall and Spock caught Kirk right at the top of the trees, that would give him 5 seconds to slow down and stop Kirk. Impossible. Fortunately, in the movie he was able to accomplish this feat, or it would have been a very short movie. :).

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Longtime Companion picture

Factual error: The song "Do You Wanna Funk?" by Sylvester, was released in 1982. However, the film uses this song in a dance club scene which the film identifies occurring on July 3,1981.

Michael Albert

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American Angels: Baptism of Blood picture

Factual error: No wrestling promotion films any match without an audience. Yet when Mimi wrestles Jean Kirkland they're doing it in an empty studio.

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Troop Beverly Hills picture

Factual error: The girls need to pay $7.50 for 36 badges. However, badges are usually paid for by the leader out of the weekly dues money, and at $10 a week, and not needing to pay for a weekend meeting place (they seem to meet at her house most of the time), they should have plenty of money to pay for them.

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