Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Factual error: When Kirk falls off El Capitan, he is shown falling all the way past the tops of the trees. I have been to Yosemite and the trees are tall, but not tall enough to give Spock enough time to slow then stop Kirk's fall.


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Suggested correction: This is a few hundred years in the future.

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By the time Kirk reaches the top of the trees, he is traveling at terminal velocity (assuming Kirk was halfway up, about 2000 feet from the ground, and an initial fall rate of 32 feet per second, per second), approximately 120 mph, about 200 feet per second. If the trees were 1000 feet tall and Spock caught Kirk right at the top of the trees, that would give him 5 seconds to slow down and stop Kirk. Impossible. Fortunately, in the movie he was able to accomplish this feat, or it would have been a very short movie. :).


Continuity mistake: When Spock, wearing rocket boots, is in the turboshaft carrying Kirk and McCoy on either arm, he fires the booster rockets, thus propelling the three of them up the turboshaft. If you watch carefully, the deck numbers in the background as they rise upwards go as follows: 35, 52, 64, back to 52, 77, 78, and then 78 again! Not content with one goof, Kirk and McCoy can quite clearly be seen with their feet dangling in mid air, not on Spock's boots. They aren't exactly clinging to him either, more like leaning against him. Surely Kirk and McCoy would be unable to hold onto him!

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Spock: General, I am in need of your assistance.
Korrd: My assistance?
Spock: You are his superior officer.
Korrd: I am a foolish old man
Spock: Damn you sir! You WILL try.

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