Best movie character mistakes of 1989

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Major League picture

Character mistake: The sign for the hotel where Jake is staying at in Mexico says Tengo Quarto's para Renta. The word is spelled wrong. It should say CUARTOS. Also, there is no apostrophe s in cuartos. It is plural, not possessive.

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier picture

Character mistake: Sybok tells Kirk that no one believed the world was round until Columbus proved it. Someone who studied at the Vulcan Academy should know that the Greek philosophers had proved the world was round and calculated its circumference centuries earlier. Columbus never set out to prove the world was round, just to find a shortcut to India.

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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation picture National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation mistake picture

Character mistake: Clark has too many lights on his house causing the city to go dark. There is a scene where the power plant needs to boost their output. There is a close-up of a guy flipping the switch. Look at the way they spelled auxiliary - auxilliary. (00:37:54)


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The Wizard picture

Character mistake: In the finals of Video Armaggeddon the compere keeps making comments such as "Jimmy loses a life and starts over in world two", "Laura finishes world two", "Lucas finishes world two". All three times the relevant person is actually in World 1 - Level 3. In Fact at no point are any of the competitors in World 2 and the only time any of them is out of World 1 is when Jimmy uses the warp to access World 4.


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The Abyss picture

Character mistake: When they're reviving Lindsey, Bud screams "fight" and slaps her. watch as she closes her eyes on the second slap while she is supposed to be dead.

korporal kool

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Lethal Weapon 2 picture

Character mistake: The sign Riggs holds outside the South African Embassy has a spelling mistake. The sign says "end apartheid now" but the word apartheid is misspelt as "aparthied".


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Field of Dreams picture

Character mistake: Chick Gandil mispronounces Eddie Cicotte's name, calling him "Si-coty" instead of "See-cot."

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Road House picture

Character mistake: During the fight in the double deuce where Wesley brings Jimmy in to take all the bouncers on, Jimmy takes on Wade, and Dalton comes to his rescue. Afterwards Wade says to Dalton 'same town new story', when in fact the line should have been, 'new town same story'.

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Suggested correction: Wade said it that way on purpose. He was alluding to the idea that there is something different about this town's situation, compared with all the other towns where it was the same old situation.

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Honey I Shrunk The Kids picture

Character mistake: While pitching his shrinking machine to NASA Szalinski claims that reducing the size of a rocket's payload would result in "staggering" savings in the fuel required at takeoff. However, he makes it clear that his machine works by reducing the space between atoms, meaning that the shrunken object weighs the same as the original. Weight is the critical factor in calculating fuel consumption, not size. Anyone at NASA would pick up on that instantly.

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure picture

Character mistake: In the movie they grab Genghis Khan in 1209 which would have been correct, he ruled Mongolia from 1206 to 1227. In the presentation at the end they say in 1269 he did this and that, that would have been Kublai Khan's reighn of terror in Mongolia.

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Suggested correction: Bill and Ted have proven not to be that smart. Easy for them to get those things confused.


It was also an excuse for a callback to the "69, dude!" joke from earlier in the film; whether Bill and Ted intentionally got that detail wrong just for the sake of a joke is anyone's guess.


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Dead Poets Society picture

Character mistake: Meek's first name is spelled in the credits as "Steven"; however, the letter being signed by the students accusing Keating of misconduct shows the spelling as "Stephen."

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Ghostbusters 2 picture

Character mistake: At the psychiatric ward, Ray says that Vigo is a XVII century tyrant; it's not a very fitting way to describe him, since he saw the XVII century for just a decade; as the book mentioned, he lived from 1505 to 1610 and was the scourge of Carpathia for the XVI century. (01:16:15)


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Suggested correction: Not a mistake, Vigo was a tyrant in the 16th and 17th centuries, Ray chose to label him a 17th century tyrant because that's the century he died in. It would be like calling Osama bin Laden a 21st century terrorist, which is correct, even though he also committed terrorist acts in the 20th century.

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Blind Fear picture

Character mistake: Despite being blind, Erika Breen's able to locate light switches and door knobs throughout the movie without feeling for them like a blind person would do.


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K-9 (1989)

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Look Who's Talking picture

Character mistake: When Mollie goes to Albert's office for the first time since having Mickey, Albert asks if he is walking yet, and she says no. In the next scene with Mickey, he walks, and is walking when he visits Albert's office.

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Batman picture

Character mistake: The newspaper that reveals the combination of products that activates the Joker's poison has at least two grammar mistakes on the front page. The word "deodorant's" should not have had an apostrophe, and the word odoreaters was spelled "odoureaters," which has the British spelling of the word odor (Gotham City is obviously in the United States, not the UK). (01:17:10)


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Blue Steel picture

Character mistake: Why would the rich witness be at the supermarket himself and using a taxi cab?

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Lean on Me picture

Character mistake: When Mrs. Barrett is on the school board stating her case, she said that the test scores on the practice exam were 35% below passing. Earlier in the movie, when Joe Clark opened the letter, the Eastside passing score was 33%, which was 42% below the required passing score of 75%. Since she was trying to get him removed, it would have been to her advantage to say 42% instead of 35% - 35% would have made it 68%, which would have still not been enough to pass.

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Casualties of War picture

Character mistake: When the platoon is walking to the village the next morning after the firefight in the jungle the previous night Brownie is shown walking with no sleeves on his fatigues then later on right before he's shot and killed by the VC he's shown with sleeves on but rolled up when talking to Ericsson near the farmer in the rice paddy.

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