Best fantasy movie plot holes of 1988

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Hellbound: Hellraiser II picture

Plot hole: When the policeman asks Kirsty at the beginning who came when she solved the box she says the Cenobites; she had no way of knowing what they were called. Frank only told Julia; Kirsty didn't hear it anywhere and the Cenobites themselves didn't tell her either.

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Plot hole: After Dennis (the first guard assistant) gets killed, the vault is open for several minutes before the old guard arrives. The hobgoblins, however, do not run for their freedom, but patiently wait until the hero, Kevin, comes in a later scene and opens the door. Then they escape as quickly as they can.

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Mac and Me picture

Plot hole: The Alien family finds itself surrounded by armed cops, scientists, and helicopters yet the next time we see them, some seconds later, is walking around some deserted area. If the Government set them free there's no point in the chase of Mac. On the other hand, if the family managed to escape, then the scene with them defenseless in the supermarket is absurd. No explanation whatsoever is given to this really important part of the movie.

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