Best movie revealing mistakes of 1984

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The Toxic Avenger picture

Revealing mistake: When Melvin jumps out of the window, the person who falls out isn't actor Mark Torgl but a stunt double.

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Blood Simple picture

Revealing mistake: The ammo box that is removed from the purse is for blank studio type cartridges, and not ballistic ammunition.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night picture

Revealing mistake: The robber who kills Billy's mother is shown cutting her throat but with the flat side of the blade. Moreover real blood doesn't ooze out so thickly, indicating it was makeup.


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C.H.U.D. picture

Revealing mistake: When Wilson crashes the truck towards the end of the film, you can tell it's actually a stunt driver because he has a full head of hair.

Phaneron Premium member

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The Last Starfighter picture

Revealing mistake: As the stars speed up due to the star drive, you can see them shining through the solid part of the door.

Movie Nut

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The Woman in Red picture

Revealing mistake: The seen where Teddy is standing in rain talking to Charlotte in her car you can see how the rain followed his movement. There is a thicker spout of water dripping and you can see the outline of it.

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Savage Streets picture

Revealing mistake: When Jake is driving his car to run down Vince, there is a quick shot just before he hits him that is obviously a dummy placed in front of the car.


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Wheels on Meals picture

Revealing mistake: When Moby and Sylvia have the car accident, extras passing by look into the camera a few times, and an elderly couple does not just that, but stops by Sammo Hung. They are not visible in the next shot (and they should be), but appear again later crossing the street on cue from another spot once Lola Forner has reversed the car. In the very last shot, another extra gets in frame for a moment, then has second thoughts (probably realised he missed his cue) and steps back out of frame for no reason. (00:42:40)

Sammo Premium member

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