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Terms of Endearment picture

Emma Horton: Some people say Des Moines is the best city in Iowa.

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The Thorn Birds picture

Ralph de Bricassart: How will we live without him?
Meggie Cleary: We will. Your God gathers in the good ones... and leaves the living to those of us whom fail. Your greedy God! There is no peace with him.

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Valley Girl picture

Randy: That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless.

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Flashdance picture

Nick: When you give up your dream, you die.

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Stroker Ace picture

Man in Bar: Come on, damnit, we wanna hear a cluck.
Stroker Ace: Who gives a cluck?

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All the Right Moves picture

Steff: You're not God, Nickerson. You're just a typing teacher.

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Breathless picture

Detective: "Don't F-U-C-K with the L.A.P.D."

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High Road to China picture

Struts: Hey, ace, would you do me a little favor, please?
Patrick O' Malley: Yeah, sure.
Struts: Just remember that, uh, remember the - the ox is slow, but the earth is patient.

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Yentl picture

Avigdor: I can't believe this, I'm arguing with a woman.
Yentl: It's not the first time.

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