Valley Girl

Valley Girl (1983)


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Randy: That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless.

Randy: Where do you work?
Julie Richman: At my parents' store.
Randy: What do they sell?
Julie Richman: Health foods.
Randy: That's cool.
Julie Richman: Like, it's not cool at all! Like, it's all this stuff that tastes like nothing and it's supposed to be so good for you. Why couldn't they, like, open a Pizza Hut or something?

Tommy: It appears as though you forgot our French fries and a Coke, fishhead.
Randy: Oh, well, Peter Piper picked a pepper, I guess I did.

Fred Bailey: Do you believe a girl should pet on the first date?
Girl: Who are you, Bozo the Clown?

Randy: No one is gonna tell me who I can score with! Now I want this chick, she wants me, so fuck it, we're goin' back.

Randy: All right, but when they attack the car, save the radio.

Fred Bailey: So, you wanna dance?
Girl: In another life.
Fred Bailey: Yeah, I didn't either. I was just taking a poll.

Continuity mistake: At the prom, when Julie and Randy are leaving they get into some sort of Dodge K-car limousine, and when they show the limo at a stoplight, it is a Lincoln stretched limo. (01:34:45)

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