All the Right Moves

All the Right Moves (1983)

5 mistakes

Other mistake: During the scene with the guys dancing in the locker room, when the coach comes in, you see the same shot of Stefen taking off his jacket twice.

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Factual error: When Stefen leads the Ampipe team onto the field to play Walnut Heights, they run out onto the Point Stadium field. The locker room they come from is at the Johnstown Vocational and Technical school, which is in Richland Township. The Point Stadium is in downtown Johnstown.

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Other mistake: I don't care HOW hard it started raining at the end of the final football game, there is no way that the field got THAT muddy and that torn up only 30-45 seconds after the rain started.

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Deliberate mistake: When Lisa fights off Stef in her car when they go parking and they both sit up straight, it is quite clear they're not sitting in an actual car, but on a bench made to look like it's supposed to be in a car.

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Other mistake: During the last scene Stef signs a document that is supposed to be a scholarship to Cal Poly. There are three problems with the actual document he signs. (1) The document used is actually a General Power of Attorney. (2) Stef signs his name in the spot allocated for the Notary Public. (3) The document states that it is being signed in California, yet Stef is signing it in Pennsylvania.

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