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Blue Thunder picture

Plot hole: Apart from the impressive pyrotechnics, what is the point of destroying the Blue Thunder helicopter? By far the most expensive, time consuming and technically complex part of producing any aircraft is the design and development phase - once the prototype is in the air production is relatively straightforward. The bad guys can make new Blue Thunders any time they like, and Murphy has destroyed the only evidence he has that there was a criminal conspiracy behind the whole programme - the 'videotape' he has of blurry, false coloured characters will convince nobody. Without the helicopter to back him up that tape is of no value to him.

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Suggested correction: The Blue Thunder is caught on camera by a TV helicopter during the aquaduct chase which is evidence it existed.

A helicopter is filmed on CCTV, yes, which gives no detail at all to its use, where it came from, or anything about the conspiracy behind it. The helicopter is proof of the sinister plot and Murphy just destroyed it.

Suggested correction: What you are forgetting is Murphy is already a criminal with or without the helicopter. He stole blue thunder, destroyed two police helicopters, a jet and a police car, endangered civilians lives and finally killed Cochrane. Even if he could prove the conspiracy, there was no way he was avoiding jail. When he walks off at the end, he knows the future is bleak for him.

Gavin Jackson

In no way does that correct the posting. Murphy would have an open-and-shut defence against all "criminal" charges if he could show he was acting against a much larger criminal conspiracy, which he now cannot do. Not only has he scuppered his own chances of defending himself he has handed the real criminals a Get Out Of Jail Free card. The posting is absolutely correct.

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WarGames picture

Plot hole: McKittrick says the computer will not accept the launch codes unless they are at DEFCON 1. At the end of the climax the computer is trying to guess the code while they are at DEFCON 1. So why couldn't they just go back to a different DEFCON before the correct code was guessed?

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The Outsiders picture

Plot hole: The pictures used in the newspaper article regarding the fire are obviously taken after Ponyboy and Johnny ran away since Pony's hair is blond and Johnny's is short (their hair was cut and dyed after they ran, ruling out the photos being old school photos), yet Johnny's face is free of burns. This would mean the pictures were taken while they were hiding in the church, which would be impossible.

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Suggested correction: They could just be an old photo. Taken a year or two back, plenty of time for them to look roughly the same but have their hair change wildly. Could have dyed his hair and then stopped or cut the hair and then let it grow.

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Octopussy picture

Plot hole: Bond would not have had (nor taken himself) time to lay a complete and careful clown make-up while changing clothes in the circus trailer.

Jacob La Cour

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Christine picture

Plot hole: George Lebay says that his brother died "6 weeks ago" inside Christine and that's why he's selling it. Later that evening after Arnie leaves his house and goes to Darnell's, Will Darnell says he "knew a guy who owned a car like that" and "the bastard killed himself in it." If it's only been 6 weeks since his death, shouldn't Darnell have recognized the car? It's not like there were lots of red Plymouth Furies (custom order color) running around the small town, let alone the USA, even in 1978. (Also considering how production even had a hard time finding them for the movie).

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Suggested correction: He says he knew a guy with a car like that. It doesn't have to be the same colour or even the same generation. Just a Plymouth Fury.


Darnell basically said he knew THE brother of Lebay, not just some guy who owned a similar car. Darnell described Lebay's brother based on the story. Again, it was him, not just some other guy.

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National Lampoon's Vacation picture

Plot hole: When the Griswolds are at Wally World, supposedly the only people there are the guards. Who operates the rides for them?

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Suggested correction: The guards also knew how to operate the rides.

Original mistake is correct. There were only 2 guards. 1 they kidnapped. The other they left lying like a dog until he could call the police. Therefore, there was nobody to operate the rides. Besides amusement parks don't train security to operate the rides.


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Psycho II picture

Plot hole: The police let Norman back to his house on the same night multiple murders happened. He is even allowed into the fruit cellar, where most of them happened. (01:38:25)

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The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Fifteen Years Later Affair picture

Plot hole: All those years in the spy biz as U.N.C.L.E.'s very famous top agents, and Solo and Illya are still able to successfully go undercover with little or no disguise. Here, all Illya needs is a phony mustache and an even phonier accent. And of course (gotta love it), the Thrush bad guys still don't recognize him. (00:49:00)

Jean G

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Revenge of the Ninja picture

Plot hole: To murder Chifano's informant, Braden uses a throwing star. But there is one thing which makes this scene illogical: Braden is evidently not in his civilian suit, but in his ninja costume (the ninja suit's armsleeve is definetly on his arm). But since Chifano and the informant are looking in the same direction when the throwing star hits, and since a ninja costume would make Braden stick out like a sore thumb, it is VERY impropable that he'd escape the scene just like that.

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Suggested correction: Throughout the movie Braden (as a ninja) has many instances where someone close up was distracted for only a second, only to look back and see he'd disappeared. This is especially true in the final rooftop fight with Cho. So it would be possible for him to be undetected from a distance in the scene where you're talking about. I also just watched this scene, and Cifano and his men are NOT looking in the direction of the informant but about to enter a vehicle when the star hits. They turn around and see him fall into the fountain. It makes sense that they wouldn't see Braden.


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Brainstorm picture

Plot hole: The demonstration to the Board of the system's potential is ported through acoustic modems. Even in those days (early 1980s), anyone would have realized that the bandwidth simply wasn't possible at 300 bps.

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Scarface picture

Plot hole: During the scene when Tony Montana is at the Babylon Club talking to Manny after he speaks with Mel Bernstein He says to Manny "Who else knew about that Rebenga Hit, Omar? He's fertilized." But what he failed to realize is that there was someone else who knew of the Rebenga Hit and he is the guy who was in the car with Omar during the first time they met while Tony and Manny were still dishwashers at the restaurant.


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Superman III picture

Plot hole: During the supercomputer's destruction, the 3 electrical probes that are sending lightning to the overhead pylons to draw electricity from them are no longer flashing. So where is the electricity coming from to sustain the computer's lighting system as the fluorescent tubes are still working?

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The House On Sorority Row picture

Plot hole: It seems unlikely any mental institution would let a patient out to visit home for any length of time as happens in the movie with the killer and his mother.


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Suggested correction: Unlikely, but still possible. Almost every workplace has a situation in which a person is bending the rules.

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Curtains picture

Plot hole: Patty ends up in the asylum even though nobody's there to send her and nobody called the police.


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