The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Fifteen Years Later Affair

Continuity mistake: The rear view mirror on Solo's convertible is there in wide shots, but missing in all the closer shots throughout the Vegas car chase scene.


Jean G

Visible crew/equipment: Just after JB says, "Shaken, but not stirred," the camera lights are reflected moving across the chrome trim of his car window.


Jean G

Plot hole: All those years in the spy biz as U.N.C.L.E.'s very famous top agents, and Solo and Illya are still able to successfully go undercover with little or no disguise. Here, all Illya needs is a phony mustache and an even phonier accent. And of course (gotta love it), the Thrush bad guys still don't recognize him.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: The KGB's blue car is in good cosmetic condition when the car chase begins. But in one shot, as it's pursuing Solo, there's considerable damage to its front end - from a crash that doesn't happen until several shots later.


Jean G

Revealing mistake: Solo's stunt double is easy to spot in the scene where he rappels down the cliff and jumps into the truck bed. The double has quite a bit more hair.


Jean G

Continuity mistake: During the climactic fight with Janus, Illya gets covered with white dust. When he rolls over and fires the spear gun a few shots later, all the dust has vanished from the front of his coveralls.


Jean G

Revealing mistake: There are several dead giveaways that the New York City street Solo and Illya walk down is actually in Los Angeles. They pass Mexican taco/burrito stands and shops with "Happy Holidays" painted on the windows, yet it's warm and sunny and the passersby are in shirt sleeves. The windows also reflect a number of towering California palm trees.


Jean G

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