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Airplane picture

Gunderson: He's all over the place! Nine hundred feet up to 1300 feet. What an asshole!

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The Blues Brothers picture

Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.
Jake: Hit it.

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Caddyshack picture

Danny: I haven't even told my father I'm not going to get that scholarship. I'm gonna end up working in a lumberyard the rest of my life.
Ty Webb: What's wrong with lumber. I own two lumberyards.
Danny: I notice you don't spend too much time there.
Ty Webb: I'm not quite sure where they are.

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Smokey and the Bandit II picture

[Justice tries to shoot the Bandit with Junior's gun only to find it's not loaded.]
Justice: Junior! Why didn't you have your gun loaded?
Junior: Well, when I put bullets in it, daddy, it gets too heavy.

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Cheech & Chong's Next Movie picture

Cheech: Responsibility is a heavy responsibility.

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Midnight Madness picture

Scott Larson: My brother doesn't know I exist, he didn't even remember my birthday.
Laura - Yellow Team: When's your birthday?
Scott Larson: Today.

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Private Benjamin picture

Judy Benjamin: My husband had a heart attack and died on our wedding night, while we were making love.
Pvt. Mary Lou Glass: Jesus! Benjamin! I don't get it, what do you do after a thing like that?
Judy Benjamin: Join the Army.

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Little Darlings picture

Angel: You just lost a hundred bucks sucker.

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Popeye picture

Popeye: So, you're just a landlubber, ain't you?
Olive Oyl: Oh yeah? Well, I am a woman.
Popeye: Oh yeah? Well, I am a mutter.

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Seems Like Old Times picture

Aurora De La Hoya: Mrs. Parks.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: What.
Aurora De La Hoya: Don't snap at me.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: I'm sorry, I have a headache through my entire body.

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The Gods Must Be Crazy picture

Narrator: The rhino is the self appointed fire prevention officer. When he sees a fire, he rushes in and stamps it out.

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The Private Eyes picture

Doll voice: Listen up dummies. The help is all gone, the house is bare. Now you know, a shadow is there. There's one left to die, then my job'll be done. I like killing people, it's a lotta kicks.

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Stir Crazy picture

Skip Donahue: We tried to teach him charades! He didn't get it! He just didn't get it.

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The Stunt Man picture

Eli Cross: He's a hopeless yo-yo, Jake, but he's not dead... YET.

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Alligator picture

Mayor: And if they traced it back to the company.
Slade: You'd be out of a job, for one thing.

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Bronco Billy picture

Dr. Canterbury, Head of Sanatorium: Billy, my considered diagnosis is that you have the worst ailment known to man - no money.

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The Hollywood Knights picture

Bimbeau: Lemme tell you buttholes somethin'! This shit's wwaaayyyyy outta line! And you squirrels better have some nuts in your mouth... or you're goin' downtown.

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Used Cars picture

Rudy: Margaret, let's take a look under the hood, shall we?
Margaret: What.

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Super Fuzz picture

Willy Dunlop: I'm standing... on top of the world.

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Where the Buffalo Roam picture

Lazlo: Like a lot of people thought I was dead but, uh... hey you know you don't write any postcards when you're on the road to self-discovery.

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