The Stunt Man
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Eli Cross: It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it... sort of interesting.

Cameron: If you want to get home for Thanksgiving, you better figure the guy coming at you is trying to kill you. Learned that from the gooks.
Eli Cross: Gooks? That has a nostalgic ring. You really did call them gooks? I thought that was just Time Magazine.

Eli Cross: Sam, this picture is my child. What would you say if the studio said your daughter Jennifer would look better with her fingers chopped off?
Sam: Well, being an insecure writer, I'd call my agent and get a second opinion.

Eli Cross: People like to believe in things and policemen are just people. Or so I'm told.

Eli Cross: He's a hopeless yo-yo, Jake, but he's not dead... YET.

Eli Cross: Do you not know that King Kong the first was just three foot six inches tall? He only came up to Faye Wray's belly button! If God could do the tricks that we can do he'd be a happy man.

Eli Cross: If you cooperate, you'll receive a first-class ticket to Amsterdam where you can stick your finger in a dike.

Eli Cross: Nina the actress so fair / Who fancied a man with blond hair. / But Raymond discovers / As he lifts up the covers / That his double - young "Lucky" - is there.

Plot hole: The film takes place around 1980, i.e. when it was filmed. But Steve Railsback appears too young for the Vietnam veteran he is playing, and in any case he has meant to have come back from the war, immediately committed a crime, and been on the run since. This would only be possible if he had been on the run for a decade, with the police in hot pursuit for all this time: that is extremely unlikely. These inconsistencies are actually a reflection of the fact that the film was scripted a decade before it was shot.

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