Best comedy movie mistakes of 1975

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show picture The Rocky Horror Picture Show mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Just as Eddie rides his motorcycle down from the lab's upper level, in the shot from behind him, set equipment and a few crew members are seen gathered at the top right of the screen, just before the shot cuts away. (00:44:40)

Super Grover

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the knights are attacked by the killer rabbit outside the cave, you can see the boom mic at the top of the frame.

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Cooley High picture

Factual error: When Preach hears Cochise is in trouble, he is shown running down a street looking for him. In the driveway of one of the houses is a maroon 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, but the movie takes place in 1965. (01:03:15)

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Carry on Behind picture

Revealing mistake: When the stripper appears from the changing room during the cabaret scene, the stripper music is heard, but if you look carefully the tape recorder which is supposed to be playing the music is not actually moving.

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The Return of the Pink Panther picture

Audio problem: When Cato attacks Clouseau in the Japanese Restaurant and has him in a hold, Clouseau says "No, you idiot", but his lips don't move.

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Suggested correction: He is speaking through clenched teeth.

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My Friends picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie in the shot when Giorgio Perozzi is dead on his bed you can see him breathing twice.

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Funny Lady picture

Audio problem: In the "How Lucky Can You Get?" musical number, when Fanny is turning on the stage lights she is not singing, although Streisand's singing voice is heard on the soundtrack.

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A Boy and His Dog picture

Continuity mistake: As Blood tries to persuade Vic not to follow Quilla June into the Down Under, he is hopping with his broken right leg raised. In the circle he makes after Vick stops, he puts his weight on the leg for two different steps without ill effects or complaints. (00:53:55)


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The Apple Dumpling Gang picture

Other mistake: Bobby, Clovis and Celia Bradley find a large gold nugget in a mine. An assayer says gold is worth $15 an ounce and values the nugget at $87,425. That would mean it weighs 364 pounds, more than double the weight of the record-setting 173-pound gold nugget found in 1869 in Moliagul, Australia.

Steven Lee

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The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother picture

Continuity mistake: After he raids the candy box in the parlor, Sigerson's face is smeared with chocolate. The stains change noticeably from shot to shot as the scene progresses. The smears on his chin vanish altogether, although he hasn't wiped his face. (00:49:40)

Jean G

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Zorro picture

Factual error: In the bar in Cartagena amongst the goods advertised there's a sale of slaves of color ("Negroes"). However the movie is set in the early XIX century and the sale the poster refers to (listing very specific figures) took place in South Carolina in 1769.


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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown picture

Continuity mistake: As the animated film opens, Charlie Brown's mailbox has a small red flag that is attached to the rear of the mailbox with the flag facing up. At the end of the film, the flag is attached near the front of the box and it is facing down.

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One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing picture

Factual error: When the Chinese are loading crates onto the truck with St Paul's in the background, two much more modern buildings are visible either side of the cathedral - out of keeping with the 1910s/20s setting.

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The Sunshine Boys picture

Continuity mistake: After Willy Clark has a heart attack, Al Lewis goes to his apartment for a visit. Willy's nephew Ben is standing between the two men with his right hand resting across his stomach. In the long shot, his right arm and hand are alongside his body.

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Confessions of a Pop Performer picture

Audio problem: When Kipper are performing towards the end of the film, Tim the drummer is late on stage and the other band members have started to play their instruments, but you can still hear the drums play before Tim picks up the sticks.

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Side by Side picture

Continuity mistake: When Gary is in the restaurant with Julia he writes out the card asking Joe Baker to join them. As soon as Gary picks up his pen the angle changes and the note is written in full.

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