Funny Lady

Audio problem: In the "How Lucky Can You Get?" musical number, when Fanny is turning on the stage lights she is not singing, although Streisand's singing voice is heard on the soundtrack.

Continuity mistake: When Fanny and Billy are talking in his club about the possibility of Fanny performing some of his songs, Fanny is smoking a cigarette held in a long holder in her left hand. There is a shot change, showing Fanny from the back for a few moments, then back to a front view. Her cigarette holder is now gone, and the cigarette is in her right hand. While there might have been time for her to remove the cigarette from the holder and transfer it to the other hand, when the camera is showing her from the back, she is holding completely still. She would have made at least a slight motion if she were removing the cigarette from the holder and switching hands.

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