Confessions of a Pop Performer

Continuity mistake: When Timmy crashes the van into Jill's mini there is another red mini parked in front of her, then a gold Hillman, a beige Maxi and a green Ford Escort. When the angle changes there is an Orange Austin 1100 parked where the green Escort was.

Visible crew/equipment: When Sid is talking to Nutter in the back of the van the camera light is reflected in the guitar that Nutter is holding.

Continuity mistake: In the pub when Sid is drawing up the contract Tim accidentally squirts ink in Sid's face. A glass of wine appears in the hand of the band member wearing the pink T shirt standing at the bar when the angle changes.

Continuity mistake: Zombie puts the ladder in the back of the van when Fanny's mother arrives, but when Tim, Sid and Nutter get into the back of the van, seconds later the ladder is not in there.

Continuity mistake: When Kipper are rehearsing, Nutter is sitting at the piano. After he finishes talking to Sid he puts his glass of beer down on top of the piano, the angle changes and he does it again.

Revealing mistake: When Tim crashes the van into Jill's mini when she is reversing into a parking space, the rear light on Jill's mini is already broken before the van hit her car.

Audio problem: When Kipper are performing towards the end of the film, Tim the drummer is late on stage and the other band members have started to play their instruments, but you can still hear the drums play before Tim picks up the sticks.

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