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Yu-Gi-Oh! picture

Champion vs. Creator, Part II - S1-E27

Character mistake: Pegasus says his toon world cannot be penetrated, but that is not true since it's a magic card, so any card that destroys magic cards can destroy it. Furthermore, monster special effects can also destroy it.

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Little Bill picture

Season 3 generally

Character mistake: Season 3, Episode 2 "Squirmy". Little Bill and his brother, Bobby are returning his pet earthworm to the soil. Bill calls his brother by the name Jamal. Jamal is Little Bill's baby cousin.

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Archer picture

Deadly Velvet: Part 1 - S7-E9

Character mistake: When Cheryl, Pam and Alan Shapiro are talking on the movie set, the store behind them has a typo: Stationary should be spelled "stationEry'. (00:10:30)

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Futurama picture

I Dated a Robot - S3-E15

Character mistake: Lucy Liu-bot says Fry's name normally, but uses an automaton voice for "Can eat more", when she has always used Fry's name as a Text-to-speech type of automaton voice. (00:07:45)

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Wild Kratts picture

Mystery on the Prarie - S3-E14

Character mistake: If Chris and Martin are creature experts, they would have already known the buffalo birds are nest parasites.

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Dexter's Laboratory picture

Poppa Wheelie - S3-E10

Character mistake: Dexter's father says he'll stunt jump over four school buses, but only three are shown.

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! picture

Plumber's Academy - S1-E40

Character mistake: The title card says "Plummers Academy" instead of "Plumbers Academy."

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Recess picture

The Madness of King Bob - S4-E9

Character mistake: Whenever the Hustler Kid delivers Randall's prize in the beginning, he says, "Grand prize delivery for Mr. Randall C. Weemes." But Randall's middle initial is J.

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The Fairly OddParents picture

Timmy the Barbarian/No Substitute for Crazy - S5-E18

Character mistake: In 'No Substitute for Crazy", When Timmy and Sanjay are leaving the school after Mr. Crocker falls down the well, a few cats come up to them and he introduced an orange one as "Omar." Later, when Mrs. Sunshine is leaving after being substitute for a day, Sanjay has cats around him and comforts "Omar", except he says this to a red cat, not an orange cat.

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Chowder picture

Burple Nurples/Shnitzel Makes a Deposit - S1-E2

Character mistake: In "Burple Nurples", Chowder was selling Burple Nurples for 5 dollops each. Later, Mung Daal steals a tray of six Burple Nurples, and Chowder runs after him, telling him that he owes him 300 dollops, instead of 30.

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Suggested correction: The tray had more than 6, even if it was drawn to look like just 6, they could have been stacked on top of each other. Later when they're dumped in the fire, you can see more than 6 go in. Plus at that point we don't know how much Chowder was selling them for since it was after Mung Daal (while in disguise) paid more than 5 dollops for one.

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Superman: The Animated Series picture

Mxyzpixilated - S2-E8

Character mistake: Season 2, episode 8 "Mxyzpixilated": In the third instance where Superman manages to get rid of Mxyzptlk, he uses an article full of typos which spell the latter's name backwards as KLTPZYXM. Among the incorrect words is the word "citrimes", in which Superman has included an I and a T, so the correct word in context with the rest of the text should read "crimes" and thus the errors would spell KL-I-TPZYXM. Since there are no vowels in MXYZPTLK, however, what is the additional I doing here – and why didn't Mxyzptlk bother to mark it as a mistake, either?

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Animaniacs picture

Cat on a Hot Steel Beam - S1-E60

Character mistake: As the fire truck darts out from a back alley, the sign on a nearby gift shop window reads "gift's" when it should be "gifts".

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